Ideas on how to improve New Player and overall experience

Right now, having played LA for 1300+ hours starting in mid-April at 1460 GS, 5 1370 alts.

As a new player who started late and thought this game was a tcg game at first (I saw my friend streaming in discord opening up card packs only to google it and see a Valtan Raid being released soon which is why I started playing) these are my ideas for both helping new players and just other ideas in general.

Mokoko Buff is not enough
The main issue hurting new players is the inability to buy gear and hone due to a lack of gold sources available to them. (I think a fantastic idea would be untradable gold/alt currency only available to people with a character under 1415-1430, this gold could only be used to buy (roster limit) pheons limit 15/week. bound leapstones, shard pouches, crystals, and (untradable) class engravings) This would solve nearly every problem a new player deals with when starting. While not injecting anything into the economy. This untradable gold/alt currency could be earned by doing Unas Tasks and Dailys or as a bonus reward for completing the story.

I also think adding a previous mokoko thing so players can see who the new players are in raids and not just severely under geared alts would help them get carried or teach them the raid in a friendly manner. VS throwing them to the wolves at 1370.

You might get a little push back from greedy players wanting benefits too, but this is meant for NEW players to catch up and get to content faster. And make sure this is only available to NEW players, so it feels special and shows them you care about their experience.

New Players need Pheons since they are using all their gold to hone, they don’t have a way to gain Pheons unless they take several weeks to slowly buy blue crystals at (a rising) 900 gold per 95 crystals. Since they only have one 1370 gold earner. You need 80 Pheons to fully gear -tripods assuming you get lucky with a 6/6 stone first try. Or even buy the right stuff the first time.

I would absolutely love it if you added Player Moderators, these positions would be to report bots (not ban but have the report carry extra weight) Mute gold sellers, Help new players (teach them the ropes by allowing them to reenter previously cleared dungeons at item lvl so no free carrys (Argos 1400) (Valtan 1415) ect to make learning parties this would only be to help teach and they cannot claim rewards nor are they there to carry. They could be easily identifiable by putting a different colored Mokoko by their name so players know hey I can ask this person for advice/get help.

For me I would absolutely love to run learning parties for hours I really don’t mind wiping and usually I’ll go in abyss raids and teach mechs on my Pallys and only step in to save a wipe or once they ask, unfortunately I’m so pressed for gold right now I can’t afford to help out by teaching p1 Argos, valtan normal or vykas normal instead of doing hard and missing the rewards.

What you have done that was great!

The Hyper express mission was a fantastic idea 10/10 but i really think it should have been to Valtan not P1 Argos. But overall can’t complain to much as the speed you get from 1302-1370 was amazing and the rewards set you up nicely for the 1385 push.

Punika Pass was incredible

Mokoko buff
(If this affects story) As a support main i found some dungeons to be very hard due to lack of dps and or damage taken so this buff will help them hopefully.

Hard Banning RMT’s and Nuking the Bots, though they are trickling back.

Communication through CM and Posts. I would love to know what your thoughts are so please comment below.

TLDR - CM please read whole thing, Ideas on how to improve new player experience, Player Moderators,