Ideas to adjust scouter synergy

Hey there scouter main here.

Im currently runnin’ around with a 1555 EVO scouter, 20 brel wpn, 1805spec with lvl 9 gems. You wouldn’t believe how often i get gatekept even for stuff like hanumatan. But thats just for measurements. (Same applies to my AT build.)

Im just sick of it honestly and want something to be adjusted. Im sure not all players think that scouter is trash and i believe you sometimes get caught offguard seeing scouters suddenly appear on mvp screens (if you actually have one in your lobby).

Anyway. what i want is that the %atk buff a scouter provides gets changed to something other classes can benefit more from.
You can not give a scouter the same synergy as a sorceress. you are killing the class like that, because people would never consider taking a scouter, if there are stronger damage dealers with the same synergy. Sure scouter has a very high survivability, but people only want to see big numbers.

So why not make a nearly unkillable, high uptime DPS with a synergy that buffs others for the whole raids duration. would sound nice right?

My proposal would be reduce the enemies defences in some amount or even bring some speed bonuses like yearning. What about cooldown reduction of abilities or a percentual increase in basestats like spec, crit, swiftness etc. (kinda like a pet buff but for all stats) which would be unique and would fit into his tatician/ironman kit… and if you think thats crazy maybe you could also increase your partys defences to help the squishies to survive in case the supp is gone. There are infinite options that are better than the current one.

But the 6%dmg buff to allies doesn’t cut it to keep the scouters viable.
So i beg you please help me out if you think that this could benefit you as a scouter or as a different class. :pray:

  • edit: scouter doesn’t have the samy synergy as sorc. we have 6% atk buff and sorc has 6%dmg buff. But its still unsignifficant i think and as i have read there are people that don’t even know that scouter has a synergy pls spread the news thx.

I’m not even sure whether everyone’s aware of the synergy buff the scouter gives. But yeah, some additional synergy could improve his reputation.

On the other hand adding even a few % could shift the meta so the balance department won’t be too generous with buffs here.

Messing with the base stats / pet bonus aspect is an interesting idea but would be OP imho. While it would go almost unnoticed in low/mid tier the damage increase for Spec Builds in late game would be insane for a passive buff.

I kinda like the idea of a defense reduction or weak point debuff for bosses for synergy and also lore purposes (analyst).

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I think scouter needs a few tweaks, I play AT so i dont know much about Evo. But little things like how we only have 1 weakpoint (lvl 1) skill, which is also our synergy in AT is a bit bizzare considering all our drone skills & gun skills show explosions during animations :rofl:.

As far as synergy goes 6% atk power isnt great and is argubly one of the worst in the game but I think the problem you face on your evo is that you don’t have tripods and people are probably gate keeping you for that reason and less for your synergy. It also doesnt help that people have a negative mindset about scouter as a class as well, when it actually does really good dmg if you know how to play it, can’t say for Evo but AT is definately not weak at all, even though I was lead to believe that considering only 10% of all scouters are AT.

wasnt even aware scouter had a synergy :joy:

Energy grenade & I think the other choice is called HE bullet. It gives 6% atk power buff for 14s. Dno about the transformed state.

Just add synergies to the party/raid, similar to FF14.


As example categories.

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last i checked sorc gives 6% dmg not 6% attack power

as long as you are transformed you have an aura that gives the same buff to party members.

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you are right… we share the same synergy with soulfist which is in fact Atk power increase.

bruh. go spread the news then thx :wink: scouter has 6% atk buff (same effect as cursed doll)

  • for AT its the overcharged battery which basically has 100% uptime
  • for EVO its an aura when he is transformed
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Agree with everything you say but if we would give tripods to synch skills the class would become unfair considering you only really need two Gems to make it efficient. what they could do tho is to just increase the dmg by a few percent like they did once before.
They just need to make the class more attractive for partys without making it disproportionate.

Also regarding the utility they could remove the counter on echolon beam and put it on another ability since echolon is one of our main dmg skills.

a class that is also extremely underwhelming currently and isnt the one you said in your post? yah. your sysnergy is fine. good actually because its not the super common 6% dmg one

the only change transform scouter needs is a different counter skill and maybe a slight dmg tweak. otherwise they have higher potential uptime than the majority of classes. people are just bad at knowing what and how to gatekeep

yeah i haven’t seen many soulfists lately. And you are right scouter has a crazy uptime if played correctly but sadly we have the issue like zercs used to, or still have. party leaders don’t know how good a player is so logically they just ignore us to avoid risks.

But please if you see a high lvl scouter out there give them a chance. There is a reason why people hone him to 1560+. If the class was that bad people would probably just give up on it. And if players feel like they are not able to clear the raid because they have a scouter in their party they are delusional.