Ideas to combat bots

New accounts up to x weeks (what’s the average number of days to get rid of x amount of bots?) cannot interact with the AH and mail system to receive and send gold and items. All gold and items earned during that grace period are bound to character. Give yourself a grace period to identify bot like characteristics and ban without bots ever having a chance to interact with the economy.

What about new characters? Be generous with purple accessories and purple stones that amounts to an automatic 3x3 set up with proper stats that are bound to character. 3x3 is plenty for argos and oreha and procyons buff will be helpful for valtan and vykas with 3x3.

This helps mitigate bot impact on the economy and also helps new accounts and players acclimate to lost Ark. They will somewhat know what the proper builds and stats are and are able to ease in to content without being shocked by pheons.

Anything is better than what you guys are doing currently. Market is fucked up, AH is fucked up, and new players have to go through a shitty process that more often than not will drive them away from the game rather than keep them. Obviously details can be fleshed out. Please for the love of god change your approach because it’s clearly not working.

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