Ideas to improve the Captcha mech

Since AGS has decided to roll out the Captcha mech, here are some of my ideas that I think can smooth things out, make it potentially less tedious for real players.

  1. Players with a roster level of say 100 and above should be captcha check less, perhaps none until another mech kicks in, and that goes to my second point.

  2. There should be an option for us players to initiate a captcha check on another player. Hear me out before you start rebutting. So the function is just a right click, “Captcha check player.” Once that’s initiated, the targeted player will have to do a captcha check within a min or two.
    Next, you CAN NOT captcha check someone during a raid, guardian raid, abyssal dungeon etc. You can only do it while you see them in the world map, for obvious anti abuse reasons. If you do initiate the check on them while they’re in a dungeon, only AFTER the dungeon is completed then the captcha check kicks in.
    Finally, once someone has been captcha check, they should be immune to another check for perhaps 2-3 hours. It would be really annoying if someone follow you around spamming captcha check with this mech, so thus the immunity period is needed.

  3. These captcha check should window should spawn randomly on the player’s window, with random colors and pixel orientation, but still enough for a human to recognize it and solve the puzzle. This will help prevent the bots from doing a pixel search.

  4. Finally, once a player has reach a “trusted status,” i.e., their roster level is over 100, has passed many captcha, they should be granted a longer captcha immunity, perhaps a few days or week.

  5. Perhaps look into a unique ID registration system, like a driver license? for players to register. Once registered, they should be immune to captcha check. For those who refuse to register, they’ll have to deal with the captcha. Just an idea on #5 here.

Let me know your thoughts and share some ideas that can help smooth things out.


Giving ideas to improve something you don’t even know how the fuck it even works


Sounds like you are the one who don’t know how captcha work. Okay buddy, keep on posting useless replies. GTFO

Plz tell me every detail of the captcha they putting ingame. Oh you can’t because they haven’t said jack shit about it and we haven’t even seen it in game or tested it yet?
OH boy looks like your thread is worth Jack shit now cause you giving ideas to something you have 0 information about


#2 & 5 = STUPID IDEA

The rest is ok, also I agree with Tegeek it’s not out yet LUL!

That’s fine if it’s not out yet.

Does it have to be out for you to actually think? I sure as hell hope not!

If they say they’re releasing new skin, do you have to know how the skin look like to make suggestions?
What are they feeding you kids these days? Too much aluminum?

Bad comparison think of something else, we’re talking about the system here.

Calling somebody a kid just to prove your point is so ironic, projecting? maybe? HEH


The way you kids are communicating is rude and childish. I’m calling it for what it is. The truth bothers you? Don’t reply to people’s thread unless you can come forth with civility and the intention to actually engage in a conversation.

#2 & 5 = STUPID IDEA” a decent human being would at least provide counter ideas as to why these ideas are “stupid.”

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It’s not even out yet LOL

We haven’t even seen how it works in the first place

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Well good! How about here’s an idea to steer them in the right direction? Can we at least look at it in that light?

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Imagine you have no idea how it will work but you complain already


Imagine you know the difference between a complaint and a suggestion. Someone’s intellectual capacity is lacking

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Captcha is going to be annoying to deal with.

  1. I’d say, if you’re obviously not a bot you should be immune to captcha (i.e. you’ve spent a lot of money on the shop or as OP said, your roster level is like 100-150)
  2. Make the captcha like the seto / vykas mechanic. This will be a fun training for vykas…

Yeah suggesting without even knowing what is the complexity of the system being implemented. yeah right, you’re like drawing something in a blueprint that was made by the professional and you’re trying to act like one LUL!

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The level of trolling and flaming on this forum is astonishing.

Firstly, is there a law or a rule that says a person making a suggestion need to know exactly what’s being implemented?? For the love of rigid close minded thinking!
Next, how on earth are suggestions and ideas formulated in the first place?? I’m pretty sure people brainstorm, suggest ideas, before the idea is finalized and rolled out.

Guess what. That’s what I’m doing here. If you can’t contribute to this, please go bark somewhere else. It’s pretty apparent that you’re just here to troll and flame. It’s disgusting

“I don’t even know what they’re gonna do but i will give them advices how to improve because it make me looks smart”. People on this forum making assumption to everything they do is bad and try to act like they know better than AGS, they have access to data, you don’t. They do not care about your opinion, If they see their earning drop they will make change, otherwise no.
You’re the one who flaming them by assuming their system is bad instead of waiting to see what they’re gonna do next
You’re the one who doesn’t contribute anything except for hating thread like half of this people on this forum do


That’s what I was thinking with number 1. But apparently, the people that has been replying are here to flame like children LOL
We need more ideas like yours and others who wish to contribute, not useless opinions and trolling.

As for number 2, that’s an interesting idea. But I think bots can easily by pass the key typing mech. They can do pixel search. A possible way is for the devs team to change the pixel colors of the key displayed on screen randomly and continuously. Perhaps that might work

So what’s the point of your post?

i can ask the same question to you

Do you understand that people make suggestion on things that hasn’t even been implemented, thought of yet? Has that ever cross your mind?