Ideas to improve the Captcha mech

Go give your useless opinion, rather flaming, somewhere else.

LOL how am I whining? What a troll

Everyday dumbness on this forum surprise me more and more, smh.

Let’s improve something that we don’t know how its implemented.

People getting creative lately, lol. Trying to outsmart everyone, and doing the opposite.

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Every day I see more and more dumb reply.

Let’s not understand what suggestion/brainstorming is and conflate that with something else.

They just need to make it work like Clown / Vykas one … it’s a good practice


And yes, it is impossible to improve that which you do not know… since your title is “improve”

Please try and improve the time machine, then go back to not write this thread. Oh you can’t.

You’re probably getting these messages because most of your post revolve around you wanting to do a job for amazon… that they do not want to hire you for.

Another day, another muted thread.

Everyone understands you are the vigilante who is going to clean up Lost Ark… it’s just that only you and 4 other people share your ideas and opinions.

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Firstly, saying that I don’t know what a captcha is just an insult. Do you not know what a captcha and how they work? If that’s the case, you can speak for yourself. You don’t even know my background and knowledge of botting. Just a FYI, I used to write botting scripts back then.

And what is the problem with people giving suggestions and ideas to amazon? I value post like that much, much more than these useless opinions that does nothing but an attempt of person attacks based on hate on others.

Everyone understands you are the vigilante

LOL comon now bro, this is getting comical. So am I wearing a red cap ready to save the world now? Keep going.

Bro everyone here thinks you’re a clown stop shaming yourself like this OMG LOL!

You only need captcha in trade, market, rapport windows. Nobody cares about bot’s running up and down, but the transactions what they do.

A few clowns isn’t “everyone.” And you are still going at it. I’ve been right all along that you’re just a troll.

Good point. They can get rid of them by the adventure area or just by the transaction/market.

But here’s the issue with that:
Botters can just let their bots farm up a heap of gold, then when they need to sell or make big transaction, they can do the captcha themselves. A bit tedious on their part, but they will do it for the money.

People go afk that is a thing, why would you want to get a captcha while AFK. This would just leave the window open to get people banned.

Extremely stupid idea.

You need to think outside of the box a bit.

There’s AFK detection. If the person is AFK, they don’t need to be solving captcha.
Also, who said anything about getting banned for failing the captcha? I certainly didn’t.

Players being able to initiate captcha it’s not thinking outside the box, it’s stupid it’s regressive. You could be doing a quest fighting a world boss, pulling mobs, nobody wants a random captcha key to come up while you’re doing this. People are already getting unfairly banned for a multitude of reasons this is just wood for the fire.

No thank you.

The captcha does not need to be solved immediate if you are in combat. Is that idea difficult to conjure up? Also, for players who keep falsely do a captcha check on other players, there should be a soft punishment for them that disable that function for a period of time.

I play a different game where real players had this function of reporting griefers, botters, etc. It works. As long as the player don’t abuse the reporting system, they continue to report.

Why do you keep bringing up the banning issue. Again, I did not say anything about banning.

Because its very easy to get someone banned in lost ark and it has been abused before.

I have 1.476 games in my steam library, I have played literally every MMO out there and I have never seen captcha integrated in any of them. So I don’t what kind of game you would play that would include such a horrendous feature.

I hate to break it to you, but the captcha is here. Will run it however they like, but at the end of the day, if they’re prudent, they will need to listen to the players feedbacks and consider some ideas.

1.476 games in your library huh? Is that an exaggeration/expression or an appeal to authority :wink:
I’m curious. Do show a screenshot of your 1.476 games. I’ve never seen a gamer holding that much game in my life, and I’ve been gaming since the 1990s.

I have also been gaming since the 1990’s. I guess you’ve never met anyone with disposable income?

I’ve dropped about $3,000 in Lost Ark alone. :upside_down_face:


I actually have, but what I find unusual is someone collecting that many games. But hey, whatever floats your boat man

Please change something else than these animals photos stuff, I failed few times and dunno why, except 1 was choosing upside down, the other with sticks or lines whatsoever it just not clear what’s to choose.

Can do something like drag a puzzle / image to a correct place is easier?

I already got ban because of 3 times failed, this is not fun and make me want to uninstall the game.