Idk what to chose

Hello. I don t know what alts (second main) to chose. Soulfist or shadow hunter or arcanist or reaper ( when she come ). And medium difficulty. ( Not hard to learn) Idk what to chose … any opinions ? 75% time PvE and 25% time Pvp Some suggestions ?

I think shadowhunter is one of the most easy classes to play.
Arcanist and reaper, probably the 2 most difficult classes in the game.
No idea about soulfist.

if you dont want difficult class then its shadow hunter

go arcanist or sharpshooter cus they are more unique
or support even better

soul fist is hard to get right, arcanist is hard to get right, shadow hunter is easy. Reaper im not 100% myself but i think its a hard class also.

I have main Mechanist and alts: striker, paladin, berserk, artillerist … Is not a problem if is a little hard to learn … soulfist I like style, sh like style and arcanist I don t understand it 100% and reaper I think I like it (after YouTube gameplay) … So idk what to chose …

Shadowhunter is s really easy and fun to play class. But since it’s played by a lot of players the costs to go 5x3 is insane right now. But going 4x3 should be enough on an alt for quite some time. You should enjoy shadow it’s really fun to play

Yeah I know I see … same for mechanist … I like it and I like soulfist and I like arcana and I think reaper … but I don’t know … I don t know what style of gameplay is for me … I think sh and soul fist … But … Idfk

Just play it all then. Buy more slots. Don’t hold yourself back.

Yes but I don t have time for all … It s hard to make for all 2 CD and 2 guardian … I don t have so much time for all … and I need to decide … and I want to make my main up

imo now it looks like you are overthinking. You need to slow down and take your time…

I am overthinker. Idk what to chose … I like to fight close but I like to fight far from the boss. Arcanist is ranger, soulfist is hibrid, reaper only mele, and sh melee. I have 2 ranger 3 melee. I like soulfist. Ranger and mele. But idk all about this characters sf, sh, reaper and arcanist

Soulfist is a bit of a pain, just due to it having a fairly high investment cost, (Robust spirit anyway, the Spirit ball build) not sure about Energy overflow. After spending a bit of time getting the rotations down and understanding all the self buffs and priority skills in your 20 or so second window, it is a blast to play, but you need to understand your damage windows a bit more.

Arcana was alot of fun when i tried her out, but knowing all the cards, which cards to burn and which to hold onto felt like i was playing a deck builder rogue-lite while running a raid at the same time and it melted my brain.

Shadow hunter is mongo cheap to build and fairly easy to play with alot of self sustain.

So sh is eazy to play and cheap, soulfist need to learn all buffs and damage matter and more gold to build, and arcanist is only cards and learn cards how to use them and this is about them ?

I played soulfist. It needs a lot of self buff to get your damage right. If you enjoy self buffing every 20 or 30 sec. Before your damage rotation…go soulfist

I have not play the other two. I believe, one is a bit of gamble on dmg and SH is more straight forward to play.

3 very different play style.

In true, I would not go for soulfist. After a while, it was not for me. Did not enjoy the self buff. Reason why we have support class.

that was my experience, Soulfist was the only one that made it through the 1415 trial run out of those three. Robust SF is also very expensive in terms of stat requirements and gems. Like there are rotation you cannot run without Lvl 9 cooldown gems, and not following your rotation wiill heavily nerf your total damage output. It does have alot of downtime between your damage windows where you are just kinda auto attacking.

The class does have separate rotations between using your awakening with and without Judgement/Convic and with

Roll a bard. Youll get in groups undergeared. Support is fun and is king!

I have paladin so I don t want another support

Omg … yeah need to learn it … and arcanist seems make brain damage … Sh look like eazy … Sh first time … I will try soulfist and arcana but I don t have time to learn them … I need only eazy characters to make daily tasks to up my main … ty very much

Medium difficulty, not too close boss often - okay.
Glaivier, Gunslinger, Artillerist, Pistoleer-Deadeye?

Playing Arcanist you need to memorize the cards inorder to being effective and she is very squishy.