If amazon is willingly to decide AGAINST players in class cadence, how come they cant release a schedule for the missing classes? [SHOCKING TRUTH]

So the only way for players to actually swallow this act of unjustice - is if we would get an class release schedule.
If they would come forth and say for example

Septemper - X- class
November - X-class
and so on…

this would help players to not be IN THE DARK of their missing class. We have multiple times stated as feedback to AGS that its not good for players to be kept in the dark, we are together in this, this is not AGS VS playerbase like ags is trying to do, like what the heck really? what kind of publisher decides against their playerbase who supports them? Thats twisted to even think of that.

they cant give us ‘‘the game longevity’’ bullcr*p because this game is going to be anyways long, just look at KR, and if players have good relation with the game devs its naturally going to sustain itself, (look at all other games that have been 10+ years)

They tried to justify destroyer release ‘‘he deals stagger damage in valtan’’ ohh guess what, valtan does not need any stagger help.

In reality it was ''destroyer is one of the worst and unpopular classes in the game he is clunky and slow - if he were to be released last, the chances are he would not get any playerbase behind him… –

So after this mess they give us ‘’ we decide classes due to player popularity, usability in raids, business intrest ( yes you heard that right, they said business intrest) and what more.

So now we get an ARCANA, she is even more unpopular, she is the LOWEST rated class in whole existence of lost ark, coincidence? Tell me what criteria she fits in the AGS statement? Player popularity - nope, Usability in raids - DEFINITELY no, Business intrest? - GOTCHA!

Giving us the most unpopular, and unplayed classes can only mean one thing, they hope we take the bait and hopefully someone spends on an class thats otherwise most unwanted.

So what we can expect from this? Scouter & reaper are going to be the last classes with artist, and we are going to get summoner next because she also is SURPISE SURPRISE, very unpopular class.

This is the developer were dealing with. Atleast theyre not hiding this of how greedy they have become.

They really had us at the glaivier roadmap but truth unreveals itself, just like it did in johhny and amber case


tbh i really feel like we are beating a dead horse here, but you cant blame a man for trying to help


If you remain silent sure nothing will change, if you vent out you might get something? Better try.


They can’t, imagine telling a Scouter/Artist main that they have to wait 7 to 10 months, they will immediately stop.


But keeping people in the dark in the hope that they will stick around for however long until their main gets released? That’s really bad. It’s like one of those shady contract-based jobs with a dangling promise of becoming permanent full-time job which will never happen.


they already did it for artist tho

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Not explicity with a date. So they can still believe.

i didn’t read any of your post, i just wanted you to know that clickbait titles are silly. this isn’t youtube

It’s so they don’t have to commit to anything and end up being flamed into oblivion when they inevitably run into some random setback that makes them change their so called “plan”.


Yeah like all the feedback we give is pointless, the only thing that matters to them is money

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AGS saying they will improve their communication but in reality they just going to be worse about it.

Seems like the standard they set.
Just getting worse but lots of empty promises.

Since when can Amazon do something. They only do the hardware to promote the game. Smilegate is the devil. They decide to do something against bots or when what released. So pls attack Smilegate. Amazone is only a slave.

But, Summoner was popular during the beta period, if they’re going by ‘will have the least players first’ then Summoner should be far at the back.

Because she was the only dps mage class, that’s why.

I dunno maybe i’m crazy, but hear me out.

They went to korea to talk with smilegate.

Smilegate has said there will be multiple balance patches this year.

They announced the cadence and first class when they got back.

I know this might sound crazy but, maybe, just maybe. They are releasing classes based on those meetings. With them releasing classes to the west that are not getting major changes until they receive those major changes.

Ya know … exactly like they did with the destoryer. It got a major overhaul, and then was released. Chances are it will only get some minor tweaks in the rest of the balance patches.

Keep shooting the messengers guys, it’s really gonna help.

No thats not it, they stalk the polls about the classes and choose the least favourite

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I don’t know if you are right. But it does seem like there are at least 2 more major balancing patches coming this year.

And in the patch notes in Korea where Destroyer was changed, pretty sure they mentioned that a lot of the major changes to classes including identity and animation changes were postponed.

maybe they still need to balance some stuff ? or was already forseen that the game will die quicker if they release all classes now ?? i don’t know, only amazon know it for sure

But I just wish rather than protesting here, people should use the steam review to voice their thought about the game, if it’s good give it a :+1: if it’s not give it a :-1:,
CMIIW, but i think ags will react quicker when our feedback directly influence their income.

By the time scouter get summon ill probably wont even play this game anymore.

Just to think going to all that pain for honing and materials to get the toon to where players are is very demotivating.

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