If anything, these chaos bots need to be autobanned

If it looks like a bot and walks like a bot, it is a bot. In vern and most other places, we see the army of berserkers doing the exact same thing and there is a hoard of them.

How hard is it to just auto kick these bots that are literally all doing the same thing? There are multiples of them sending identical inputs!!!

At least make it LOOK like there is no obvious botting. I understand botting is a multi faceted problem but getting rid of the most obvious ones are at least a start.

Not being able to catch the sneaky ones are understandable, but not autobanning the line of bots in vern castle makes it look like smilegate is just being lazy

They always get banned but the problem is its easily replaced. Seems the account creation of bots are also automated.

That is why they need to just be autobanned. It takes long while for these bots to push through story. If these bots are autokicked within a day, then the electricity cost of running these bots will make it not profitable to run the dumb chaos dungeon bots.

The chaos dungeon bots shouldnt be banned in wave. They should be banned realtime.