If Gold River could read these forums

He would be very sad with you Amazon.

And when he is sad the players are sad.

He literally could but chooses not to because he doesn’t give a fuck about western region, do you think South Koreans don’t learn English in school?


Don’t be ignorant please lmao

Many Korean’s learn english in school currently yes. But Gold River is in his 50’s and needed a translator to speak for him while giving a presentation for amazon…

nothing is stopping him from finding a personal assistant that could translate the forums as well, otherwise what would he do with the fortune he has accumulated from the cows here?


If he really would be sad, pheons wouldnt still be in the game but you know being a millionaire sure does suck


Every non technical problem (and some technical problems) can be attributed to SG and the way the game is designed. Designed under his watch. I wouldn’t expect anyone to thank him for the weekly homework, dead content, bussing culture, super vertical grind, and pheons.


You know browsers have a translate function right? I mean I use it all the time to translate Korean to English… Is it perfect? Nope… Is it good enough to get the point? Yep.

You realize I never meant that he couldn’t read it?

That what I said was a euphemism?

Maybe he read, but the localization English to KR got it wrong. All he read is : All Good or Very very good.

Dealing with his personal health issues and helping raise his child could stop him from doing that. Both of which were factors in his decision to step down as Director.

Hilarious that people in this thread are equating taking a course in school for a language to being fluent enough to go into a regions communication hub and understand what’s going on. The amount of Americans/Canadians who get “taught” Spanish, French, Italian, etc in school and don’t remember anything worthwhile is the same as many Koreans who don’t remember much English or can’t communicate effectively.

Gold River also stepped down so of course he’s not coming here currently. The new trio is who should be doing that.

i ve never learn a single Korean words yet i can still browse kr forums, right click, translate to english, done, Not perfectly translated but def understandable. And its just me a random person, GR is a director, is it too hard for him to find someone who lurking into the forum and tell him what is going on if he really want to ?


Figure of speech mean anything to the zoomer generation or what lol

figure of speech ? like your self claimed euphemism when your tittle and post said otherwise, do you even know what is euphemism ? what figure of speech about people asking to fix the server ?

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isn’t gold river celebrate happily when the bots helps lost ark to get 800k concurrent users?

i think he/sg/they only proud of numbers
and right now the numbers on lost ark is very very good indeed

top 3 from 100 games played daily:

reach 300k player in the last 24 hours:

more than 5k positive review in the last 2 weeks:

so yeah. gold river is in his proudest moment now. even if he can read english and come here, we that complain about problems is only a very miniscule ignoreable minority player.

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Gold roger and whole SG dont care about our release

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i think goldriver have better things to think about right know like his health, familly and then KR LOST ARK not others region

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kr doesn’t give a fuck about our pathetic release don’t worry.

there was over 1.3mil people playing the first weekend of launch.

Bots didn’t start showing up til a few weeks later…after they realized the game was a popular cash cow for them

Never once did it hover around 800k, so that meme you posted is factually incorrect making it not even funny. Twitch alone had 1.2 million viewers on launch weekend. So to think bots were driving that number up is ignorant and illogical

I’m sure if smilegate could change publishers they would by now based on the forum feedback alone.

About Smilegate celebrating over 800k… going to leave this here for your enjoyment:


This was right before the massive ban wave. Enjoy!