If i buy the "same" as a friend i should get the same

How on earth is it OK
that friend 1 gets 18k of a reward in the express mission and bc of AGS who cant control the bot infestation, we normal players get less reward as a friend who completet the same missions 1 day earlier???

how on earth can 2 ppl buy a ferrari and one only has 3 wheels?

so even if u already completed the express missions but didnt claim the rewards you get LESS???

what are you talking about?

Wait what? I think your friend trolled you…

You serious?

are you guys sure? hes our guild guru and knows nearly everything about this game t he last month and he didnt troll a single time?

he told us the stronghold coins you get in the box were 18000 before the patch, after its 10k now
we all did the missions but not claim the box and i think he is correct, we get nerfed rewards

It’s unchanged. It’s 10k now, and was 10k before. You’re easily trolled

Its been the same all along, no change… he might just have been mistaken if hes not trolling…