If I make an alt, will I get same quest items?

I am wondering if its worth replaying the game on an alt to get more virtue stats, gold, and items from the msq and side quests, or if I redo it, its not going to allow me to have the items again. I have a powerpass currently, but didnt want to use it because Id rather refarm all the quests for items from start to finish. Anyone with experience that could help me out here?

umm i dont think you can do the purple quests on your alt if u did them on ur main…

but what about the yellow chain quests? Will they reward still or nerf my rewards?

you mean the quest one? Im not sure… i mean, lets be honest if those things would stack up there would be a tone of players doing it instead of using the powerpass, i never tried it so i dont know for sure.

Yes you get all the rewards even with the powerpass. Just for the main story quest and yellow side quests. (Everything except 1 time per roster rewards. Emotes,song, ect)

So after powerpass you’ll log in and have 1 or 2 mounts ladybug & wolf I believe. Some pets and all the gold silver that’s obtained again is automatically added to your total

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If you do a quest chain on an alt after already doing it on your main- you will get a message stating that you have already received that reward if the reward is a stat potion.
But it will still reward you with other items like health potions or engraving bags/chests, mounts or such like that.

The stats potion rewards I specifically looked for when I went through on an alt and they are a one-time reward.

Do the virtue points stack like this and you could get 999 of things because of alts?

Thats what im wondering too. I tried to 100% east luterra and the king wanted 150 of every stat. I wanted to play through again, so figured id just wait to 100% after i played through and doubled up my stats. Was also hoping to get more engraving books and other items

So I just popped the powerpass. I barely have any engravings or any items from side quests at all. Definitely no rapport chests. My virtues only went up by like 20. They just dumped me off with with a few starter items and a 302 item set. So I guess I can confirm you dont get crap skipping. Just need confirmation on if you play through again, if you get items

I don’t think you get anything from doing side quest yellow again on your alts. At best it will give you points to exchange rapport items, definitely no virtue potion. Rare case you will get some cards but that’s about it.

As for which quest give what card… I don’t really know but I do know you can get card again as reward from doing yellow quest on an alt (may be someone is willing to check all the yellow quest for that lol)