If I missed out on most of the quests should I start a new charater and do everything? or go back with my first character and redo them?

I just realized you need to do side quests and stuff to actually earn the extra 6 free skill points from the ignia token thingy and also level up your roster and create a ship to go places and do ghost ships etc

Then I heard mokoko seeds are important, I am starting a new class a Bard was wondering do I use the free power pass i Have or do I play this class from scratch and do everything on my way?

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Mokokos, skill points, masterpieces sea bounties etc are all roster bound, once you get them on one character they are available for your entire roster, so there would be no need for you to make a new character to get them, and there is no lockout that you can put yourself on by progressing further without getting them, you can always go back and pick them up whenever you want


ok and I bet it’s better to do it now since my character has much more move speed due to end game skills and stuff. So I can just 1 shot everything on myway

i’d do them with the character you like playing the most and enjoy seeing in your dialogues

my first main was deathbalde
i main swapped to gunlancer
i still did the story of south vern on the deathblade first
every story quest and rapport i’ve done with the deathblade


it doesn’t matter with what character you do them

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yeah I was just more wondering instead of going back, if I started a new character the time might have been better spent as I would have a new leveled character by the time I am done as I still have to go back and do everything. Rather than spend my power pass

If you’re starting out the game you should play the way you want to :slight_smile: Some guides might for example tell you not to mine or log or collect flowers along the way, but if you feel like it it’s a good thing to do because you’ll have a chance to get those world tree leaves from gathering stuff. There isn’t much in the game you should not do if you just simply feel like it because the faster you rush to being gatekept from the raids you don’t like to do because of the wipefests, the more you lose out on the enjoyable gameplay :slight_smile: Collecting mokoko seeds is an excellent example too. I used to pick a lot of them and check whether I could get everything from an area but then decided not to just to simply speed up my progression. Now that I should be actually picking them while I don’t have any dailies or anything to do I just can’t bother to because I already lost the motivation I had before so I regret not doing it before :slight_smile:

Yeah from what I was reading there are ways to make gold on the AH via crafting and other stuff that I simply cannot do because I literally rushed through the story then I heard your roster level needs to be a very high level for raids and by not doing those quests I have hit a rock wall

very disappointing you take part in this

Streamers seemed to have forgotten the need to do things like life skills and tome stuff. I knowledge transferred my alts for the most part. Going back and doing the tome stuff is much easier and faster with a high level character than it is to do it on ilevel.

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This is a handy site that helps you find Mokoko seeds (and other collectibles) it also tells you what songs you need, if needed, to collect certain things and access areas.

It’s incredibly handy.

You can start from the beginning, or use your power pass or use gold and do a knowledge transfer from your Stronghold. The choice is yours.

You can do everything on your first character too if that is what you want. Don’t stress about it, just work on one zone at a time and you’ll get up to where you want to be.

Thanks this is the answer I was looking for

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