If I'm playing soloq why I'm matched against premades of 3?

I only play pvp for lipstones, I’m not good at it, and I don’t spend a lot of time playing it. The thing is that when I have to play pvp 90% of the time I get matched against 3 premades all the time. And obviously it’s very frustrating. I would like those who play premade 3 to be paired with premade 3. I think it would be a good change and would encourage many players to play pvp. Postscript: I understand that there are very large rewards for people who like pvp, but I must say that I do not agree that you have to play pvp to get better rewards, it is something that I understand but for a player who does not play pvp for fun it is not very pleasant. Thank you for reading.

Don’t take away the exclusivity of the PVP reward, if you don’t like it because you’re bad, that’s fine, but putting the reward that costs tears, sweat and glory in a mode where you only kill bots doesn’t seem fair to me. Don’t you think?

U dont need to do it , then go ranking matches u can’t apply as premade

Agreed, premades need to match vs other premades (league of legends approach). Solo Q is imbalanced when you’re playing vs a group of coordinated players using voice comms and meta team comps.

To be honest am nit against it is just so funny after they losing to randoms xD