If no honing buff come with Valtan im done

What I meant was, of course I would love if honing never failed and that progression is easy, but it’s not meant to be. And it’s better that way because it filters out all these disabled people who don’t want to play the game and would rather have everything gifted to them.

People who recently hit 1370 have no clue how that looks like when you don’t get stacks of honing books for free, and shit ton of materials for free. One honing book cost 12-15k gold when I was getting to 1370. ONE book. Now they get stacks of them and still complaining how “hOnInG sUcKs!!11!”.

i was tryna tell them but people kept hate reporting me, kinda crazy how u tell people the truth and they just want to block you out

Why is everyone complaining about them removing some gold sources that bots used?
Can someone tell me which gold sources they removed that affected T3 players? Was I missing something all along? How much gold did the removed sources gave anyway?

It is time gated, and I don’t want to run the same content 12 times a day between 6 characters. That’s terrible, not to mention the amount of resources required to get 6 different characters to T3.

You just repeated the same sentiment in more words, and it is a pathetic mentality. You’re just angry other people are playing the game without having to go through as much pain as you. Crabs in a bucket psychology.

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To help set expectations, as of right now we are not planning to boost honing rates with our May content update. The current path is to continue to provide more materials to players to help foster more honing attempts. Based on player progression data so far, we have seen a level of success in this helping move players along to T3, but as always we will continue to monitor and adjust later down the line if needed


Good. Like I said, if there’s ever honing help it should be to reach 1370. People who didn’t even try Argos have no place at Valtan that early. It should not be gifted it should be earned. Honing mats is great help as is!


I am glad that you told us this, now I can start pushing my other alts to higher itemlvl without being “mad” that the honing buffs came right after I was done pushing them.


I am not angry at all, I just have eyes and I see what kind of players got into T3 with all this honing help we’ve been getting for the last 2 months. They are braindead monkeys, when doing alt runs in Oreha normal my eyes are literally bleeding because people are CLUELESS. They got carried by T3s through all T1/T2 abyssals and guardians, they don’t know how to play the game. Such people only ruin the experience for everyone if you just throw hardest content at them, when they can’t even handle abyssal dungeon as easy as arias oculus. And “can’t handle” is putting it lightly, they STRUGGLE in there dying within for 15 seconds of a boss fight and getting hard carried. Such people have NO place to fight Valtan. They will wipe their team for hours and not even finish it because you can’t get carried there as easily.

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just take a break :slight_smile:

Question regarding something similar… Are you at all able to confirm if the May content update will have the stronghold research available for 1340 base ilvl equipment? Similar to the 1302 ilvl stronghold researches. I know other versions of the game have it so I am wondering if this is planned to be implemented along with Valtan or if it’s slated for later on.

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Reality is if you already find getting to 1415 oppressive, even with the honing changes you won’t be happy with the rest of the game. All it does is slightly raise the floor, but if you have any plans to do hardmode content, or push for Brel+Kakul, you will be in the exact same situation as you were before.

Thank you for transparency. Communication is getting better and better with every day, and this is exactly what we wanted in the first place. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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I personally prefer if you provide more materials for honing than increase the success chances, but PLEASE include gold and not just the raw materials!!!

im at 1425 with 6 alts in T3 F2P-Progressing (hell yeah i bought charslots, hella swiped) dont know what your problem is. i will only proceed with pushing when im not highest gearscore in my guild anymore, till then ill keep pushin alts. grind or dont grind but dont cry

as much as i agree with you, as someone who has also played a lot in the kr servers, argos sucks compared to valtan etc, its not a very fun fight when you’ve played the legion raids, its like going from 60hz all your life to 240hz, when you go back to 60hz, you realise how much it sucks, so i think its a valid thing for people to want to go to valtan ilevel to participate in it asap

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Excellent, this is exactly what you guys should be doing and it’s great to see you doing it. I will say it’d be nice to see more materials shifted to the recurring weekly vendors instead of 1 time sources like the Ark Pass. I say that knowing full well that the Ark Pass was added when it was added to aggressively push players mains to a place where they can do Valtan on release and I think that was the right choice.

All in all you guys have really turned things around since Argos release and I want you to know as a player who has made several highly critical threads, I’m really happy to see where the game is going right now.


This is the right call for sure. Thanks for keeping everyone updated.


Glad you are giving us a heads up. The players want a buff soon though. I would definitely suggest checking with Smilegate to see when they plan on doing that

Okay more materials are good but what about gold? If you are not giving honing buffs but giving more materials then the premise is still the same, fail honing hundreds of times and bleed all your materials and gold. Losing materials to honing is not the end of the world since you are giving a bunch for free but is not the case with gold, infact is the oposite you are nerfing gold income because of bots and right now the bottleneck for honing are leapstones and gold