If only Amazon peeps actually had a clue

This is a perfect example of the “Lost Ark” team having no clue on how to play this game or understanding player feedback as everything they do is completely scripted. You can tell the loser who hired this worthless guy needs to be fired along with him.


2k hours, lvl 28 SH LOL


Oh look Amazon employees participating in RMT… level 28 lol


no way. That reply cant be from him. If it is someone needs to lose their job!!! LOL


you know whats funny. He probably got that stat from the data team. Try to find around what an average player would have. Seems he found out that the average bot is about that.

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2k+ hours playtime and only lvl 28 SH…yes, yes, definitely one of his FAVORITE features of the game :joy:

What a weird flex :crazy_face:

This is why Amazon can’t make a game to save their life. Big spoiler, Mike Frazzini was the chief exec for AGS and never made a game in his life so this guy thinking a lvl 28 stronghold is badass after 2k hours should explain everything.

At least Bezos is nice to hire rejects from the Salvation Army claiming to be devs. California at its best with the pro HR skills.


The new farm tab icon isn’t there, so that means AGS recorded this video more than a month ago and only released it now that the stronghold honing buff was confirmed to not come with Vykas.

Honestly thats based, good job AGS putting the honing buff peasants back in the dirt where they belong.



I checked his twitch and he played 12 days ago… Only one available video. He may have multiple accounts or multiple servers but the server he was playing on 12 days ago did not bode well for credibility. He has a 802 striker, and 629 paladin and 50 sorceress. and in the 2 hour and 42 minute stream he did he not once go to his stronghold. I guess he just wasn’t loving it that night… He probably also decided to delete all the t3’s he had, I can’t imagine showing your side account / server playing through some yorn content and some chaos dungeons when you had higher characters on another server.

this is the same guy that in the deskaluda video said you need to use weak point skills when the boss glow blue…
CMs on forum are the same, they don’t play the game that’s why they are so detached from reality

“We are seeking a creative, high energy, collaborative, communicative, and FUN Community Manager to join our team. This role is focused on player relations, advocacy, and engagement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Building a deep working knowledge of our game and the features, systems, and content it includes

and we can already stop at the first responsibility on the list, because without this several of those that follow cannot be fulfilled, for example you can’t:

  • Building and maintaining a world class feedback loop between the people playing the game and the people making the game
  • Working with stakeholders and leadership to deliver valuable customer and business insights
  • Partnering with Data and Research to analyze and interpret feedback
  • Partnering with the Game Developers to influence product change and future plans
  • Participating in key design and product change discussions, leveraging a deep working understanding of player perspective and a product/gameplay expertise
  • Foster a positive, constructive, and communicative community of players that feel heard and appreciated
  • Growing the core community in size and activity
  • Facilitating vibrant, meaningful, and authentic two-way conversation with our community

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox do you think you understand the players and fully fulfill your role? tell me if I am wrong

CM Role = Placate the community to fullest.

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LOL this is not a joke, right?

don’t say that you’ll be rated as Combative and get a time out!

That guy has 436 hours in the game. What a liar.

Edit: for people who might think this is fake cropped, Steam Community :: CyFy

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