If the game is meant to be played with alts why pheons and bound exists

i have to pay to play with my own alt

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pay2win. gotta milk people some how. create a game dependant on alts, but then make mats bound and add in pheons for the extra punch in the face


All human beings are born free
so why are you still paying to live? samething


dam dude thats deep


None of us are free. We would make the same decisions under the same circumstances every time. It’s an illusion


In the beginning of the game The Wise KR Director had a brightest idea of making all items bound on acquisition, but you could pay for Grand-Pheon and unbind them to become tradable.

Not long after that the whole market of the game became completely dead. The only things that got put on sale were proven bis meta craps that only the king of whales could afford. Obviously because if you needed to pay to take a chance at selling your craps then most people wouldn’t bother.

Then The Wise KR Director had to change the system so that now the buyers have to pay the “unbind” price instead of the sellers. And thus Pheon was born.

People showered him with thanks and hailed him as the wisest, greatest, bestest Game Director ever in the country after such extraordinary move, since it was such a revolutionary idea that shook the (KR MMORPG) world.

just dont get why we cant trade free with our alts! Just greed to make us have to spend money or wait for the few pheon!

You need alts but hey we will punish you for that to just make it all restrictive.
Can all items you pick up just be rooster bound and not any character bound?

The game actually allowed you to trade items between alts for free long ago.

But there was also a weird exploit that allowed people to send T3 accessories to T1 / T2 characters. So they decided to patch that up along with slapping the pheon fees on top.

Easy. Then most players would create 6 characters of the same class and just transfer gems and gear between them. You dont see the entire picture.

Every piece of currency in game is connected to other piece to regulate it and reduce the load of one currency and avoid inflation. Idea behind pheons is very simple. You can see the amount of bots in game and what they do. Now imagine the situation in which bots are programmed to buy every meta piece of gear that are sold by unaware players that sells them and resell them under bigger price. You would get a market that is entirely set by bots, all the prices would be set by bots and regulated by people who programmed them. What pheons do is regulate the amount of trading one person can do and one piece of gear can be traded only 3 times, With both measures that are set now you avoid having bot markets and real people camping market buying and reselling skins at raised prices.

that’s so true!

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You can only trade items 3 times though, right?

also do people wanna bother moving gems and accs everytime they log in to another character?

I do. Gems ofc since you know…Acc cost

The game is not meant to be played with alts, alts only exist to serve as a workhorse for your main character. You shouldn’t give love to your alts.

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I mean if someone was willing to do this then they kind of deserve to share their gear between all of his 6 single class characters.