If the honing rate change for t2 - t3 what about the player who spend?

I have used lot of material to bring my main to t3, and i am near the t3 with my alt, if everything change and its very easy to go to t3, what about us we have used lot of ressources before ?

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You’ve enjoyed higher content earlier :slight_smile:


not at all, i am at the early t3, stuck, i enjoy nothing and get no benifit at all.

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Why complain ? You got to t3, now play some alts and do horizontal progression…

I got 1 char in t3 and several close (I also played an absolute crazy amount of time since release)…I would very much welcome buffed honing rates across the board because even if I had to do it the long way, I want more ppl to join t3 and for them to release more accessible content in t3 (buff honing rates and give us more means to gather mats).


So by that logic 1340 to 1370 wont be buffed either. Nice, you shooted at your own feet

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Everything should be buffed, but if everything become easy, and we have already used lot of ressource, something need to be adressed that is all.

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I dont understand your point at all

If i used 10 000 material to get to t3.

And after the buff someone need to used only 2000 material.

We should get something because its not fair.

Why would you get compensation for playing the game oO


ok i give up

people don’t understand.

Getting to early T3 allowed you to farm materials to sell at insane prices and progress T2 alts much quicker. Some people have made hundreds of thousands of gold.


That’s not how catch up mechanics work. Catch up mechanics are meant to catch the player base up, not catch them up and then immediately speed everyone else further ahead again.

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Won’t happen…Also wtf - I played the game and got to t3 and don’t like the lower honing rates in t3 so others should also take longer to get to t3 so they can also be unhappy about honing rates in t3 ? That’s some interesting backwards logic


not what i mean at all.

thanks at last someone understand.

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No. This is not how it works.
You can’t use something and then want compensation.

If you want to wait for changes to honing, you are as welcome to do so as everyone else.
I have a char in T3, chars in T2, etc.
it the honing changes come I am happy for the future and dont want compensation for fun I had


So basically you just want free shit because you’ve been playing the game. Are you 12 or something?

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Probably <12 Years old…

wow i just give a feedback about my situation, if everyone get the 100% chance and all cost reduced, what we used and all the gold, all the fail for nothing, while you can get everything easy, i am happy for you, but still we are lost so much thing.

All your spending is pointless when the game is dead. Trust me I spend too lmao don’t be dumb.
Gate keeping the f2p/casuals just because you feel it’s unfair is kinda dumb it’s obvious that spending money on this game is dumb and a money dump. We whales go into this knowing that.