If there ever will be a Lost Ark 2

To SG, If there ever will be a Lost Ark 2 (It could be possible… The story could continue with you find out where Regulus was all this time, he abandoned Arkasia and shaped a new similar world with continents and islands. And somehow you end up on this world, and you are once again in the search of the lost ark.) please don’t make the same mistakes you did with Lost Ark…

  • first of all the mechanics are awesome, everyone loves the mechanics from raids. You keep this stuff. The problem is one small mistake could lead to the entire 8-people party to start over. People are understandable and do it all x more times again, until everyone reach their limit. Maybe the korean people like to do repetitive stuff (from what ATK said, not really), but the west people not really. The gatekeeping was invented to help with this problem, but even this is not that efficient (because mistakes can happen, even at the professional players, of course, we are people after all, not robots), besides it made people took it personal, like there is something wrong with them, when in fact everyone is trying their best. And being experienced is a necessity for joining a raid, that’s why is not that new player friendly. That should change. If the old players and new players have to share the same content of raids, everyone should be welcomed. People who know nothing should not feel inferior to those that are here from day 1, playing everyday, with hard-work/money reaching lvl 1580.
    So, some small mistake/mistakes should not be a reason to start the whole raid from scratch. These raids should test each player’s skills individually. You could try maybe, each player has to do their share part of stuff, even if one fails the raid will go on, and at the end, judging from the number of fails each have, those who run the raid flawlessly will pass, and the others who accumulated fails will need to run the raid again… If you’ve done it perfect from start to the end, you should be rewarded for that. So even those that don’t buy a bus and die somewhere on the way, should not be rewarded, just because some others were good enough to clear the raid. Like I said, each player’s skills should be tested.

  • Second, the horizontal content is awesome too, so many great islands, also the continents are all great. Too bad no one visites them once they reach end-content… Yeah, I get that it’s a lot of walking (teleport OverPower now), but they shouldn’t feel forgotten. Maybe, if the legion raid commanders will be in Lost Ark 2 also, each one of them to be found in a certain continent, and you have to go there in order to enter the raids, not just enter from a big city. It’s also for the story to feel more real.

  • The PVP system… we see that you try to introduce that in the game… This could be indeed a thing, like in wow, once you don’t really have anything else to do, to just gather around big citties and challenge players to pvp. But people are focused on building their PVE build. I don’t know, it just feels weird the PVP system in Lost ark…

  • This alt-system. The need to have as many characters as you can, 6 preferably to get max rewards. Yeah sure, people are not forced to do anything, but they are tempted to do it. Every dim of rice is good for progression, no matter how small. And then people being rushed to do 18 legion raids per week, for max gold. This created the Fear Of Missing Out effect, that affect so many sane people. So, maybe in Lost Ark 2, do something so we don’t have to stay awake until 3/4 AM everyday a week just to get our max gold.

  • Also, AGS, ask your community what they want. Make your update announcements first and see if people are on board with the changes… seems like everytime they have some opinions. I know that you are the publisher and you decide what comes into west, but it would not hurt to hear more ideas, maybe they are better. I appreciate that you listened when the community complained about the release of the Artst on the same day with Brelshaza Hard and having support characters ready for Brelshaza. And also, I know that you can’t really say much about the combat against bots, so they don’t build some strategies against it, but maybe just tells us something, like some specific numbers, how many bot accounts were banned monthly, show us the progress, not just say that you are doing progress.

Sorry for writing so much



No you dont hodl your bombs, falres and such stuff… use it!

why would they release 2 if they cant even fix their first game?

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Lost Ark 2… oh god.
Will it be like Blade & Soul 2? A mobile maximum milk machine with cross-platform to PC over some weird new launcher?

Quite interesting… let’s see what they actually gonna do.

milking ark 1 is not yet over, the final milking will occur with slayer then game will totaly die this summer

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It won’t die in summer, but I would say give it 2-3 years. That’s when the shutdown notice will be around.

Unless they make drastic changes, it isn’t too late to turn this one around and establish it as a big MMO in the west.

Lost Ark 2: Armen, Where Are You?!

Also @Redrowen that shit gave me the best laugh, absolute perfection

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