If there is a shortage of supports

If there is a shortage of supports can someone explain to me why the accessories with the correct engraving are so expensive? Just tired looking up on my bard and its going to be 100k+ to get a full set on what I need.

I honestly think its people perception of the game. If there was a shortage the prices would not be drove up so high and support items would be cheap.

Need or want?

You can be 3x3 Valtan ready for 300g with pheons, 6500 without.

If you mean fully decked out in Relic gear, then welcome to the club, nobody can do it without paying big bucks.

The correct combination of books and stone can drastically reduce the cost of even relic accessories… I have a relic set myself and it was fairly cheap.

Other supports are fleecing you.

No? Why should it be this way? You know that only your own class engravings drop, right? Therefor, less supports means less accessories with class engravings and this drives prices up.

Support is honestly cheap, yes class/expert/awakening is expensive as fuck, but after that you’re pretty much done. DPS engravings beyond 3/3/3 are still just as expensive.

For relics? Not really. Ideally you should be running a +12 blessed aura/desperate salvation since class engravings don’t have a guaranteed drop rate. This means you only need 1 piece with +3 blessed aura/desperate salvation. That’s 1 accessory that is a can only be farmed by a support class. The other 4? Well any class could get those.

less supports= less support drops which drives up market prices…