If there's another beta, give advertising streamers boost options

So shroud played Lost Ark today to fulfill #ad responsibilities.

What was originally a good marketing/advertising opportunity was lost due to slow initial leveling process.

I’m not for or against current leveling system. (compared to hundreds & thousands of hours potential gameplay, initial 15 hours is tolerable) HOWEVER, if a big streamer will only play the game for 2-4 hours, i think you as the publisher should give them options to skip leveling by either giving them boost options or giving them a prepared account to play on.

If it’s beta, the progress doesn’t carry over to release so it’s fine. If it’s release, then a temporary account that they don’t keep would serve the same purpose.

This way, their audience gets to see the exciting part of the game… not 2-4 worst hours of the entire game.

This is gaming in 2021 i guess.

Players will always start like this…
It would be wrong advertising if you put a newbie into endgame.
They will helplessly die because the storyline is also the tutorial.
Yes even as a streamer. If you are not familiar with the game and have to do endgame you will have issues everywhere.

The marketing is meant for new players to tryout the game not see the endgame ( if you have seen the livestreams of amazon on t tv/playlostark )

shroud played for 4 hours 13 mins or something.
lilypichu finally did her ad spot… 4 hours 1 minute exact.
i guess we now know how long the contracts are for.

@Cyler i think you are overestimating Tier 1 endgame difficulty. like right after Lv50, content isn’t that hard at all. That’s without taking into account that these people play games as a profession. They’ve probably played more games and more hours than any normal person you know. I’m sure they can figure out how to play a Lv50 account.

That said, i do understand and concede you are correct that Amazon’s advertisement strategy is to show a newbie playing the game. there’s probably a stigma in western society how it would be “false advertisement” or some social justice silliness if they just gave streamers preferential treatment.

I just don’t agree and still think showing people Lv50+ gameplay is much better marketing.

If one was looking for Lost Ark content, Shroud was not the person to watch. There were plenty of big and small streamers playing LA early game and late game throughout the duration of the beta. I would argue that Shroud, and other 4-hour wonders, were the wrong content creators to even consider for LA if 4 hours was all they were willing to contract them for.