If they changed honing to always be 100% and just need the mats

So you want the pity system, but less mats needed?

But, would it feel fairer if it were simply flat costs that we could reduce with bonus mats? Even if the average grind time, material and gold costs, and overall player investment was more or less the same to the current system, would it feel better with flat costs or with the consolation prize slot machine we have now?

I would rather have a chance of being lucky than artificial elongation. And im saying this while im at 72% energy to 21 weapon

So, let’s just say for sake of argument they implemented this idea and every flat cost WAS the pity price, but this was compensated for by changing breaths et al to reduce that flat cost, and the absolute average cost (time, gold, materials, etc.) was more or less the same between both systems.

The question is this: Would that feel fairer to you? Because perception is a huge factor in how fair something feels.

That sounds like very slow progression. Especially for alts. And especially on the next set of gear

The RNG becomes you getting extra cost reduction materials doing what you already do to grind, or even a rare free hone item. Would that feel better to you knowing the worst case scenario up front or the seemingly endlessly repeated failed honing UI?

Remember, the overall average is the same, and you still could get a lucky free hone drop. The rate of progression is the same on average. If it takes 5 days of guardian raids and chaos dungeons to hit pity mats, then this system (if entirely based off pity costs) would take those same 5 days, but the costs would be reduced by cost reduction materials, so on “average” most players will get that hone in 3 days due to luck, thus the new system would also take most players 3 days to get enough to hone thanks to cost reduction mats. Still sound less desirable or does this make better sense?

I prefer this. I would rather have a progression rework instead, but that would not work for a f2p game. Especially not a korean one. They have to make you want to spend money somehow. At least your stuff dont break or downgrade in this game

So, op just wants to hone for cheaper, but tries to sugarcoat how he says that. This isn’t rng vs non-rng, its “i want cheaper hones”. Almost like “i want free mats” but hidden behing “average clicks”

ok~ an amazon staff has spoken~ op~u need take off ur sugar-coating now!


Nah tbh, i like it the way it is. Its always fun to get a 1 tap. Its already pretty fair, u can keep up with content with minimal effort

would be a better game, but they would lose all of the whales who can afford to gamble and fail anyways

its called pity

Incorrect. The whole thought experiment is if people would prefer flat costs with more background RNG (finding rare free hone mats, finding more than average cost reduction mats) to the frontloaded RNG we have now. If the average absolute cost in grinding time, gold, and materials was more or less the same, would it feel fairer is the real question behind this thread. It’s not really a “Change honing like this” otherwise I would have fleshed the idea out more specifically.

Would it feel fairer/better if you simply had the upfront flat cost (the pity), you reduced the cost through bonus mats (breaths et al), and had a chance for a rare free hone drop (one taps)? Even if the total average cost in time, gold, and materials was effectively unchanged from the current system? No more ad nauseum hone attempts, no more disappointment over another failed attempt, just one simple “I can afford it now” and you level up on average at the same pace as now?

That’s the whole point of the thread. Maybe I should just let this one die and repost with a clearer concept and intent behind it…

The item doesn’t go nuclear compared to most Korean MMOs, to top it off you’re basically just playing a game where you try to get a +1 at a lower % before reaching pity. IMHO, this is “Fairer”.

what makes lost ark successful is what makes people upset. Like a love hate relationship. People hate it but they deep down inside like it. If it wasnt for the rng people would have capped in the game a long time ago and left it by now. There-s a reason some people enjoy the fine line between risk and reward.

coz it aint boring

No, it can still take on average just as long, the idea is that a flat cost system with means of cost reduction would potentially feel better and feel fairer while having great potential to tighten up the extreme ends of good and bad luck such that more players have a more consistent experience. If people really want to play at a slot machine, they don’t need Lost Ark for that. I tolerate the system as is, but I for one think it’d feel better overall for more players having the RNG backloaded into lucky material drops rather than frontloaded into a lucky tap. By being a flat cost system with means of cost reduction, it’s also a far more active and thus engaging system. You have a sense that you earned that lucky drop of extra mats or cost reduction bonus mat or free hone item. A slot machine, meanwhile, is entirely passive because you’re waiting on the game to give you your jackpot rather than feeling like you took effort to get it.

What sounds more fun: pulling a slot machine lever that “fills up” to a jackpot automatically (passive play), or filling that jackpot reservoir yourself (active play) and pulling the lever after you filled it?