If this game is 3 years old, how is that possible we're facing so many cheaters and gold spammers?

I mean, is this a 3years old issue still affecting KR/RU today?

If not, how is possible we’re facing it? Didn’t the devs already have the solution?

I can’t understand why we’re facing SOOO many issue while we should have been the less impacted regions by game launch as devs should already know what to do and should aready have fixed main issues 3 years ago.

Sigh…you guys really don’t know anything about countries that aren’t your own huh.


Korea has a system, where you need to have your Korean ID to play.


Korea requires you to use your ID to play so theres that going for em.
Every MMO has bots in general tho as theres no perfect solutions against them unfortunately.

Also all other main issues translate differently from client to client when it comes to general bugs and such. Korea, RU and West dont share the same client.

From comments on forum the korean and russian player base wasn’t really that big.
I don’t know how many played it in russia. A quick google search wasn’t enough to find.

If that is true then the big demand and interest in exploiting comes with western release.

Korea also has their system of linking their social-security to their game account.
So that is obviously a big part for that region.

Here you go, straight from one of the bot sellers.


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…it’s one of the biggest games in Korea, the heck are you talking about Sir?

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We don’t really know much about our own country, let alone the rest of the world.

Because Steam & Lost Ark allow unlimited accounts apparently. Without any connection to an ID or proof of account or anything the botters can just make unlimited accounts. My account has my Twitch, Amazon & Steam acct all connected. I guess though you can just make Steam acct & play.

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unverified steam accounts can also download and play lost ark to make matters worse.


Korea isn’t that big.

I havn’t found the player number in korea. But as others has pointed out their population is not the same as the countries in western release.

It might be very popular but if it has 1 million korean players I don’t know.
Also that specific region has as mentioned a clear reason on their own why cheating and exploiting would be much less.

That is why I was more curious how many russians play the game.
Since they have a large population they could be a potential huge marked.

Someone mentioned RU is only 1 region as example (region of servers).
But as I prefased. This is from what i read on forum.

Yeh, they need to figure out some system for this. Would banning everyone who took the same pathing as a bot work? Like every time they ban a bot, they ban the other chars using this pathing. They have to program those things to do the same thing right? They’d have to keep making new pathing which would slowly get weeded out.

Also, why can’t I make any threads?

It also has to do with GDP per capita. Higher in West than in RU, and also than in KR (but less gap). JP has high GDP per capita, I wonder what they did to prevent bots.

The fact that some of you are legitimately trying to use Korea’s population as your argument…wow.

We are clearly saying Korea links their social-security to their game account (!!).
That they have less potential costumers is more to compare with the potential of western population.

And to make the argument “it is very popular in X country” is relative when countries have different population numbers.

3 years old you said it yourself, all using the same code the bot makers can easily port over. The rest is just flawed game design and infrastructure allowing ways to infinitely generate gold with an infinite number of accounts. Picture a system in Korea where only one person can have one account and all gold generation is tied behind time gated end game activities.

TL;DR, game was not made for the west.

the same reason any free to play game that has been out for ANY number of years continue to have hackers/gold spammers

u can find ways to stop them, they can find ways to circumvent you

windows has been out since 1985, why are people still getting computer viruses?

Lack of education and awareness.

South korea - 240k peak when sorc was released. 10-20k queue on certain servers.
Average daily playerbase 90k