If this is a joke, it's a bad one, Amazon

So apparently, there was another ban wave (good, at last) for bots and whatnot.
At the same time, falsely flagged accounts (falsely reported in-game for whatever reason, i would imagine) also got banned.

Fix your shit, Amazon.

I’ve sent an appeal, but i realize it is like 0.00001% chance it gets looked into unless you’re a big streamer with influence. @Roxx Is there a way to appeal more effectively? What are the odds? I know i am innocent. The worst i could potentially have done was say something during pvp, even though i am almost always silent, just playing. I don’t know.



Yup I am having this same issue and cannot log in with the same error code. Sounds like most other players are having this issue with their account today too. Something on Amazons end is going on. Hopefully they fix it soon. Never had this issue before.

The “Code of Conduct” line and the “Appeal” option below gives the impression that this is a ban, i surely hope it’s just some steam file verification / update -related issue.

Samethings, i m in US and still get banned

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Yeah I don’t think this is a ban many, many players are reporting this same issue in NA. Something on their end is messed up.

Yea now that i (once more) browsed on support section, i;ve seen another thread. Apparently, a lot of people having this issue. Hope fix comes sooner than later. Fomo is stronk.

Yeah same thing happened last week. Servers will most likely go do for a few hours today while they fix it.

Same issue with many of us, just hoping it gets fix

I agree, terrible jokes.
I’ve been banned for almost 2 weeks now.
Don’t think I’ve gotten anywhere with moderator team reviewing appeals.
Don’t think they are looking at my appeals at all anymore.

Requested information about why I was banned and they took this as another appeal and said the ban was merited and they would no longer look into it.

Tried sending another appeal after I got my Amazon games data providing as much evidence as possible and haven’t heard back at all. This has been at least 4 days.

Wish you guys luck in the appeal process. RNG which moderator you get.

This is a regional block, it’s not the same as an actual ban

This is happening to me as well. What do we do?

As someone else said. That’s a regional lockout. You using a VPN or something?

I’m also curious of the things you’ve said in PvP lol


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Nope ive never used a VPN in my life. I was on with support and they said if nothing else works reinstall, it might have something to do with EasyAntiCheat is what she was saying.

No vpn, played for nearly 1600 hours now. Bought pass, bronze pack for 3 day headstart, and a character slot.

That’s the thing, it was my attempt at guessing as i’ve no idea. I am most of the time, a calm and collected player, even when tilting on a loss streak in arena, most of the time i just distance myself from any toxicity.

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It’s not a ban. I am having the same issue and was able to connect by testing with a hotspot from my phone. Obviously not a solution but you guys can try this to at least see if you can connect at all.

AGS clearly messed up their geoblocking of this most recent bot wave and ended up blocking a massive range of players from legitimate, allowed regions.

Yea it’s very clearly related to the recent ban wave. Legit regions getting blocked all over the world - US, Poland, Lithuania…

What if u are on a pc without support for wifi tho? GG Amazon, I guess

It’s a VPN issue. I don’t even know what a VPN is, but some of the programs like Cloudflare that players used early on to solve connection issues create VPNs. When I went to my Seetings > Internet > VPN there was an active VPN so I turned it off, uninstalled Cloudflare and submitted the appeal explaining I’m definitely not botting and removed the VPN that I was unaware existed.

Which is funny because using cloudflare was a solution path recommended in earlier threads. Now that option has been broken too.