If thousands of people get 1,000,000 gold for free can it potentially hurt the market? This is a real thing, due to a current bug (fix pending)

AGS, gave an shit about exploits and bots in NW.

They now at around 40k Playerbase.

I hope they learned from it.

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Both the plat skins and lawmaker ones are tradable, I believe. So this will not only mess up the market, but also drive the skins’ value to the ground. Anyone who didn’t exploit this will end up with worthless skins that they will see everyone using (even though they paid 100 euros/dollars thinking they were getting something rare) while the people who exploited it will end up with a mountain of gold. This REALLY left a sour taste in my mouth and marred my enjoyment of the game, I have to say.

I’m really curious as to what will be done about this. If there’s no deletion of the duplicate items, everyone who didn’t abuse this will feel cheated. There are people with plat skins on every class running around.

The actions taken by AGS about this will set the tone for what’s to come. I’m not asking for people to be punished as it wasn’t an intentional exploit (I think it happened by itself while just claiming), but the extra items HAVE TO be removed. Otherwise, a lot of people will feel really bad about their purchase.


Ang again, i hope smilegate can here do something.

AGS gives an shit about that.

Wait what? So we are gonna see a New World again? Where a couple of players get months ahead just because of an abuse Amazon is not gonna fix?


I hope not, i fear yes

This was addressed by the devs

‘No longer receiving duplicate packs’ says nothing about doing anything about those that were already received though


The bug was fixed, we’re talking about damage control, which is the hard part it seems like.


I got the exact amount from plat pack. and as far I know I couldnot put any stuff on the market unless am missing something

Would it be difficult for the devs to track who all got dupe packs and have loaded coffers as a result?

I’d imagine this would be a huge undertaking if the issue was massive.

No longer, yeah.

But the 10000+ that are alrdy more then then double claimed?

AGS fixxed the most exploits out from NW. But with no consequence.

And that is what i fear for LA aswell.

depends on how their databse is structured. since every1 can only have 1 plat skin it shouldnt be too hard to detect accs with more than one, but who knows


Could they also track rediculous AH listings that would break the economy and remove them?

El problema no viene ahora pero si vienen ellos ya sabrán que hacer, porque han tenido el mismo problema cuando salió New Word

Just an simple coding fix, let them be untradable.

I dont care if someone have 30+ skins for he’s alts.

But if they skins destroy maybe the market that sucks

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Bet they’re hoping this falls off the main page for real

Have they been confirmed as tradable on all servers? I have certainly seen them in the market place on Galatur in NA east. That should be be fixed if possible. We were told we wouldn’t even be able to transfer them to an alt once opened. They were never intended to be on the marketplace in the first place. Flag them all as not sellable and it won’t be an issue moving forward.

I’m sure they’re going to remove the excess and fix the tradable aspect of the accounts in question. NW and LA should not be compared imo

They SURELY will, right? R-right?

This is baffling. I can’t believe this is happening. It really substracts me from the really nice feeling I had from trying this amazing game and makes me wanna stop playing all together and angry as hell that I can’t get a refund.