If thousands of people get 1,000,000 gold for free can it potentially hurt the market? This is a real thing, due to a current bug (fix pending)

So this is actually a real thing. There was a bug where some people received upwards of 9x extra platinum founders packs, and it’s currently uncertain whether or not duplicates will be removed. Do you think this surge of gold could possibly affect the market?

Here’s my take: It impacts everyone actually. 9 extra packs is 63,000 royal crystals, which I THINK is around 100k gold if I’m understanding gold buying correctly. Let’s also not forget the value of both the lawmaker and the platinum avatars. They will EASILY be 50,000g each at some point in the future (standard non-‘special’ outfits in KR are 30,000 gold). That’s another 900,000 gold if given 9 additional packs. So each person who lucked out will literally be getting 1,000,000 gold. That’s, in my opinion, enough to hurt the market, due to the high volume of people that could have received duplicate packs


NW flashbacks intensify.

Surely sounds like a gold old AGS move if this is true.

Most likely just going to be ingored though I feel.

If this is ignored, I have actually lost every bit of faith in AGS and Smilegate isn’t far behind.

I’m happy it’s been fixed, but the economy is broken from day 2, that’s not okay.


The packs do not contain the crystals the crystals are directly added to the steam account, I’m not 100% but pretty sure they are only getting the chests that arent tradable or sellable.

They receive everything within the initial pack, so if not the royal crystals, definitely the outfits, which still translates to an eventual around 900,000 gold for free (if we’re being pessimistic about the outfits’ values, at LEAST 500,000 gold)

The outfits arent tradable so, basically just sitting there. The northern law maker one might be but the platinum-specific ones arent I know for fact. I think the biggest thing is the consumables they are getting which are all mid tier except the feathers which are kinda important, but I don’t see it crashing the economy maybe the northern law maker price, as long as they don’t get crystals.

They are both 100% confirmed to be tradable, and can be seen on the market as we speak

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The plat skins?

Yes, both the platinum and the lawmaker skins. You can see them on the market right now

They’re going to flood the market, then Friday is national bot day because it’s f2p and then you’re going to see even more fun when that comes. You’re also going to see all the new players who didn’t buy a founders pack join and see the mess that’s been made. I’m sure that’s going to look real nice to newcomers.

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AGS, gave an shit about exploits and bots in NW.

They now at around 40k Playerbase.

I hope they learned from it.

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Both the plat skins and lawmaker ones are tradable, I believe. So this will not only mess up the market, but also drive the skins’ value to the ground. Anyone who didn’t exploit this will end up with worthless skins that they will see everyone using (even though they paid 100 euros/dollars thinking they were getting something rare) while the people who exploited it will end up with a mountain of gold. This REALLY left a sour taste in my mouth and marred my enjoyment of the game, I have to say.

I’m really curious as to what will be done about this. If there’s no deletion of the duplicate items, everyone who didn’t abuse this will feel cheated. There are people with plat skins on every class running around.

The actions taken by AGS about this will set the tone for what’s to come. I’m not asking for people to be punished as it wasn’t an intentional exploit (I think it happened by itself while just claiming), but the extra items HAVE TO be removed. Otherwise, a lot of people will feel really bad about their purchase.


Ang again, i hope smilegate can here do something.

AGS gives an shit about that.

Wait what? So we are gonna see a New World again? Where a couple of players get months ahead just because of an abuse Amazon is not gonna fix?


I hope not, i fear yes

This was addressed by the devs

‘No longer receiving duplicate packs’ says nothing about doing anything about those that were already received though


The bug was fixed, we’re talking about damage control, which is the hard part it seems like.


I got the exact amount from plat pack. and as far I know I couldnot put any stuff on the market unless am missing something

Would it be difficult for the devs to track who all got dupe packs and have loaded coffers as a result?

I’d imagine this would be a huge undertaking if the issue was massive.