IF u guys are gonna close the forum and use discord

please at least make some “good” discord,the official discord have 3 channels and thats all,my personal discord when i save videos and things its more creative than that dead discord

They did mention that it is a work in progress… why they didn’t set it up prior to the forum shut down is still a mystery.

It’s not a mystery. They are shutting forum down to shut ppl up and (maybe) save a few bucks. Actually providing a viable platform to replace the forum runs counter to that.


If no one joined the discord, they will be forced to keep the forums.

I don’t think they would care, they would close it anyway :joy:

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They are “waiting on the dust to settle” and the forums to close before they start to beef up the Discord apparently.

They did add a “forums” like feedback discussion section the other day


Such a bad excuse though since the Discord has existed since at least February and has been active amongst the community for the better part of a month now. With plenty of feedback about improvements to it during that time.

Discord is not the tool for the job… Thats gonna fail for milles

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