If we are in EUW region, should we stop the game now?

Every day people are quitting the game or restarting in the EUC region, so i guess if we have 400+ h and 1400+ ilvl we should stop the game, am i right ?


was always a well known risk that joining the EUW servers to avoid 2 weeks of queue wasnt sustainable at all. It was pretty known that queues dont last longer than a few weeks and its also well known that later servers dont last long either. I feel for you but its not like there was any secret if youve ever played an MMO before.

Theres also no server transfers even in KR so theres 2 pretty tough choices to make. Stay and keep your progress, leave and restart.


well no clue maybe start a second account of central for now and wait till it get critical i suppose at some point they hage to merge or offer server transfer of some kind

transfers dont exist in KR, something to do with how servers are set up. They did off internal transfers in a region but that required you to go on a waiting list and was done manually by a dev.

yes it was my bad i knew the risks but when you have a job it was impossible to play lost ark at the release so the EUW was a good solution
Now we are blocked and have two solutions : stop the game or restart

When you are 1415 and have 5 character 1370 i think the best solution is to stop


if its any consolation (probs not) you can get a new felton pass on EUC and combo that with the express and get 1370 im pretty much a day. Im sure there are people willing to give up a weeks worth of pirate coin materials to push you to 1400 if you find a good guild to move too.

I mean why play if it’s not fun and the game is so unplayable, if you keep wrestling with that and forcing yourself to play then your experience is going to get ruined.
If you quit and try again when/if they fix these problems the game might at least be as playable as it was before.

Yes ok its cool but when you have skins, Grudge 12, skill points, it’s litterally impossible to do that again

I am sorry to tell you this but EUW was always a poisoned gift. It was never sustainable. I feel bad that so many players who actually do have an interest in this game have been scammed into a dead region.

The reality is that there is no future in EUW and there never ever was. The only hope you can have right now is that AGS/SGR do something about it.

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I’m pretty sure, before we get to the point of a void EUW region the game will already be dead in EUC aswell. Just check out the botproblem and extravaganca goldselling out in the open with no reprocussions, there’s only so much a player will take before departing this dying pos sinking ship


What’s wrong with EUW servers?

That’s because they never had such a problem. Now there is and a one-time only characters transfer to EUC should be worked on.

Come Zinnervale, now is a good moment to switch with the Express event

The Super express event dont give the skins you have, the giant hearts, the skill points etc

players leaving everyday so its getting pretty empty for example i had to spend 30mins+ to matchmake Calventus, i tried going to EUC and got to Rohendel then i just got depressed when i realised that i have to farm skill point, roster level .EUW is not that bad on prime time tho so its still pretty good, for now atleast

No shit

If they can, at least, give us informations about it would be nice
Now, EUW players, we are all in the dark, we don’t know where we are going …

that is not true.
Saintone, a famous ark streamer who plays in KR, said that they get occassional server transfers.

They CAN do it but they only do it if they feel like it, it seems.


Not completely in the dark. There is some information:

Cross region transfers don’t exist in other versions. Apparently were attempted but stopped due to too many problems. The game just wasn’t designed with it in mind. Right now, in KR they offer server transfers within the same region. But only in KR, and they come with many conditions, and there is a waiting list, because it requires manual intervention from devs.

They haven’t flat out said that server transfers will never happen for EUW. But, given the above, you should be able to make an educated guess as to how likely it is.

The sooner you restart on EUC the less painful it will be. The population difference is massive and very noticeable. It will only get worse on EUW from here.

imo I personally would quit, restarting over when there’s so much progress to redo it won’t be fun experience at all tbh.

plus I don’t think they plan to merge any time soon so…