If we can't get Paid Powerpasses back anytime soon, can we atleast get raised knowledge transfer limit?

Topic, I really feel like this could be raised from 9 for a small bandaid patch until we get PP back. I used all my vern knowledge transfers already trying out classes and I didn’t like a few of them so I deleted them. Really sucks that I can’t atleast knowledge transfer a class while we wait for the PP to get fixed. Also I just really just don’t want to do the 1-50 MSQ again on a new character because lazy.


nice idea, but i think this needs too much effort in programming/changing stuff.

my idea was to give compensation e.g. make passes cheaper for a period or give for each purchaseable pass a growth pack

I wouldn’t call changing one value “too much effort”, but who knows what kind of spaghetti they have. However, they made it pretty obvious a couple months ago that they won’t increase that limit, probably having in mind profiting from PP. I’m sure they are still willing to sacrifice a few players to keep those profit margins in place.