If you are out of Pheons, unironically, you don't need the free ones

Hot take here, as I see this topic being rampant in the past days.

If you are out of Pheons with the massive amount we received for free, you fall out of the category they’re supposed to cater to with the freebies.

Chances are you geared 4-5 characters with 4x3 or just 3x3 Engravings.
You know what else that means? That your gold income is relatively high compared to other players. That means with the current rate it costs you about 4000 Gold to get 100 Pheons.

For comparison - I am 1430 / 1385 / 1380 / 1375 / 1340 / 1302, but let’s just take my 4 highest ones. They do make 3k Gold Daily just selling unbound Leapstones, nothing else.

I could get 100 Pheons every second day, it’s not the world. So can you. But if you don’t have alts, or you are spending Pheons in an unwise manner, that’s totally your fault.

Small Edit:
I do agree tho that stuff that becomes untradeable ( except 1 charge-left accesoires ) should not cost Pheons.

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if you already have spend all the pheons we received, you more have a problem with managing your ressources and btw this is the german forum

Explains why you didn’t understand the post, thanks! :slight_smile:
Because if you would have read “But if you don’t have alts, or you are spending Pheons in an unwise manner, that’s totally your fault.” that part here!

If you have 4 characters over 1370 you are not the average player lol.


I never said I am the average player.
I said the Pheons are FOR the average players.

“If you are out of Pheons with the massive amount we received for free, you fall out of the category they’re supposed to cater to with the freebies.”

Please take a time to read the post before commenting weird things.

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Yeah ur right, that also means that the players that spend more time in the game is punished. Rather than spending that 4k gold every second day, you could be working on legendary engravings that provide meaningful roster progression instead of having pheons hindering you. Relic accessories are gonna cost 25 pheons per accessory, imagine your main is at Hard mode Abrel and you want to gear your alts to 4x3 or 5x3 so they can do valtan/kuku/viakiss. Not to mention by then the currency exchange is going to be even more inflated, you can see where its heading to. I’ll take another example, when ever they nerf/buff classes like what recently happenned to surge deathblade in korea, people already have to spend 40k-100k to swap builds not including the pheon cost(I dont know what Ancient accessories pheon cost to buy but id imagine it would cost atleast 30 or 35 per). As time goes on, this system will become more and more annoying.

Oh Sorry.

For me though, even with the free pheons, I ran out just buying accesories on my main. I bought a set for 3x3 when I was 1340 to feel strong, and another set when I reached 1370 and ran out. How are people expected to buy accesories before 1370, if the pheon tax is so expensive?

40k-100k is an extreme under estimate aswell.

I have 130 pheons left due to skins, never bought accessories

Well there you go. Unwise management of pheons. 2x3 is way sufficient until 1370. And you get those from 2x6 casino stone and 2x9 engravers. Even easier if you find an accessory or two in your chaos dungeons.

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Ah yes casino stone with class engraving topkek


2x3 is still really easy even if you need a class stamp. carving 1x7 or 1x8 on a stone is way more easy than 2x6. Again, you also find print combinations that fit you in chaos dungeon. compromising some stats to get there faster is not a big deal at that point either.

2x3 till 1370 is more than enough and way better than youll see in most pugs. And is VERY easily attainable. Some people dont realise you can make really good use of a t2 6/6 stone until a t3 stone becomes more viable/accessible.

blablabla theyre people, new players, without a second monitor running maxroll that want to test stuff in their characters. Pheons its very restrictive about test classes and stuff, its ok if you go for the exactly build on maxroll and you dont fucking care about be a sheep in the herd.

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You are ignoring half of the problem.

The way Pheons are implemented is the main issue. There is no reason for Ability Stones to cost Pheons, they are RNG and bound. I needed 15 Stones to get a decent carving and that is just on my main. 75 Pheons gone right there.
Also there is no reason to hinder gearing up alts by sending stuff to them.

If you had any other option to reliably get your accessoires it would be fine but this game basically forces you to use the AH with all the stat and engraving combinations.

Not to mention that people are gatekeeping really hard. It’s annoying to find Argos party as dps unless you have 3x3 Engravings with top combat stats and even then they are looking for 4x3 and some classes aren’t that popular.

Also with our current Pheon prices it might be fine but Valtan almost doubles the Pheons needed.

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Wtf are you talking about, it takes 5-10 minutes to set up. Take a sheet of paper and write down the combinations you want, if you can’t do it in your head. Maxroll is way overrated and information on there is often times lacking.

As for testing, there’s trixion, i guess…

WTF youre talking about?. If you want to check how a class feel and how that class feel with a build you must play it with high end build not in trixion… just doing content. New players usually check several classes and builds looking for something they like and pheons its very restrictive… but if you are a sheep yeah, maybe you can play a single class, check maxroll guide (or any guide, web… its just an example, get brain) and go for it without a few pheons.

I play 2 years in RU, I know what exactly classes and builds I go to play but its just me… I have brain for understand that theyre other players out there checking the game for first time.

Theyre no players out there that like the pheons system, its TRASH only trolls defend pheons.

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The general playstyle doesn’t change. Only the pace and numbers increase, some thresholds open up due to higher cdr, etc. (instant cast reflux for example. Before reaching that, you are still a skill spammer regardless - playstyle is almost exactly the same). Shock Infighter does not suddenly become a hybrid with artifact gear. Igniter Sorc is still Igniter but with bigger numbers and an extra rotation.

The general playstyle does not change. You do not need high-end gear to “test out” the class and see if you like it’s abilities, animations, etc.

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Classes change drastically with endgame gear and build… so I dont go to read more than the first 5 words. L2P before try to argue.

just dont buy anything till you hit relic gear and hope for the best in raids lol