If you are out of Pheons, unironically, you don't need the free ones

Having switched from EUW to EUC recently, I got to walk in a new players shoes.

You get 0 free pheons just in the course of leveling. All the free pheons you had were from temporary events that don’t exist anymore. People starting now, or starting over, will not get them.

What sources of free pheons are there? There’s 30 from login rewards. But it takes 2 weeks to get to them, if you log in every day. And I think 25 in the Ark Pass, but even further down the line. A casual player, or one that starts at the wrong time in the event cycle, may never even get any of them.

But, even if you get them all, that’s 55 pheons. Any more, if at all, are months away.

55 pheons. Is that enough, to “gear 4-5 characters with 4x3 or just 3x3 Engravings”?

Stop defending this garbage. A basic feature like trading with players, or sending things to your alts, should not be behind any kind of paywall. It’s disgusting. Might as well monetize area chat. Would you defend that, too?

I know they change drastically. Reflux sorc is still a reflux sorc. Just casts shit faster. Some change more drastically, some change less. The fact that you replied like this just shows that i talk truth. Learn to take a L before you try to argue.

L2P dont argue…

Pheons its a system Smilegate introduce for replace the old pack boxes system because its trash, but peons its even more trash. Its only a bad solution for remove gold from the game because in KR they have a big inflation… here in EU we got deflation so pheons turn into a gatecap for test classes, builds and have healthy alters, thats turn in a bad experience for new players in a new MMO (new in EU and NA). Specially on gear dependent classes. The system its a bad solution for KR and literally Its not work in EU due of the high speed of the content release and all the content with the rewards nerfed.

Another day, another Puffco thread…

The class engravings you get them all from your jewelries once you hit 1370. 100% chance on all of them from Argos and Hardmode dungeon.

So basically you have 3x3 engravings almost for free.
Class engraving> jewelry
2 other engraving from the one equipped and the stone.

At the end you can buy jewelry just for the class engraving as it is not so easy to drop the perfect stats.

I think it is 9 pheons per jewelry, so you need only 45 pheons.

People spending the 400 don’t know how to manage that.

If they wanted a gold sink, they could just raise the already existing 5% tax on AH transactions. That way cheap items wouldn’t be affected so much. Speaking of which, they didn’t even implement the 5% correctly, and it charges much more for cheap items. Up to 50% instead of 5%.

Anyway, they could just raise that to 20% or so and the inflation problem would be solved.

But instead they made pheons. Which cannot be obtained without someone buying crystals.

So either you have to pay real money, or you have to buy them with gold from someone else who payed real money. This effectively means you are forced to become a gold farmer for Smilegate, so they can make money by selling that gold for crystals.

Or else you can’t buy gear in the AH, and cannot send anything to your alts.

Their claims that this is a feature to help the game economy are a lie. So not only are they greedy, but also dishonest. It is shameful and disgusting.