If you are unsatisfied with the state of the game, or feel stress, try an actual break for a few days

Disclaimer I don’t play the game anymore, just in case insecure shills start commenting acting like I care about improving the game (lol). I am only here to give guidance to the people who are unsure about what they want to do and may be unsure if they are still enjoying the game.

Like many other people posting here, I started getting somewhat tired of the game, people have mentioned whatever reasons for their loss of enthusiasm including poor management, ags going back on written statements, removing existing classes and delaying them, bot rmt problems, poor community and lack of community support, raiding not what they expected, loss of main game director, etc etc. Everyone has their own reason but many of them are getting tired for some reason or another.

What I did was I started charging up some rest gauge since I wasnt enjoying daily tasks, looked for other stuff to do - everyone did things before lost ark released, even if you dont think theres anything else to do you do find something if you just choose to not play la for a few days. Using rest gauge freed up so much time and I found out I was much more satisfied not having to do the daily tasks, and then I realized I don’t really enjoy the weekly tasks either, not even the raids. But realizing that can be hard if you are focused on the grind, which is why taking a break helps a lot as it prevents copium like “daily tasks only take a minute why would i skip it!” which was what I was on as well until I started rest gauging and found out how time consuming even the daily tasks actually were.

For reference, when I quit I had los18, 97 rock with meta 9 adrenaline 7, 333331 bis engraving setup, legendary grudge and curse doll read, fully f2p i only bought skins and ark pass (no i didnt buy gold lmao), soloed fire yoho on level before nerf, no hit velganos solo on level, valtan and vykas hard on release week, led vykas school run, did most horizontal content, made my own calculator for relic set + engraving dps optimization, etc. I still quit the game with all that, because I realized the game isn’t a good fit for me. Don’t fall for sunk cost fallacy, continuing to dump time/money into something you don’t truly enjoy is the worst thing you can do.

I won’t go into my personal reasons for quitting as it’s irrelevant (there are many other threads to discuss the various things people are complaining about), this is just advice that if you are second guessing your enjoyment of the game, taking a break is a good way to actually put it to the test and show you if you are truly enjoying the game or just grinding for the sake of it.

Same, i feel much better when taking a long break (~20 days)… might not even return, maybe Artist release :rofl:

you won"t be missing much anyway given the slow pace