If you change the honing system to use only artisan energy

remove the % to upgrade then use only the artisan energy, where you put your mats until you reach 100%, the honing will feel like a progress system AND all the cries will stop


That would make it worse




So get rid of a % chance to save materials for an already existing mechanic in the game?

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so you agree the system is already there and the % is a chance to you upgrade faster?

anyway they should give more artisan energy per try


They do, in the form of additional honing materials.

Yea it sucks to see some ppl get ahead because of lucky rng and sucks to be behind because of unlucky rng.

Some will say thats life lol, but some play games to get away from life.

Im thankfully been pretty middle of the pack in terms of rng.

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half the playerbase is botting anyways. most of the ‘luck’ you hear about is lucky to not get ban hammered for running their accounts through chaos dungeons while they sleep at night


when honing under like 25% my mentality is basically “if it hones before artisan: nice.” because yes if its 25% it feels like “okay i should get it by the 4th one,” but really your odds of succeeding by the 4th one are more like 68%, meaning almost a 3rd of the time youll get “unlucky,” but thats just how streaks work.

So basically remove any chance of 1 tapping potentially saving you thousands of mats? Something tells me players would literally riot if they implemented this :joy:

Presumably such a change would include adjusting the total required materials down so that the average time to rank up is the same. Just be getting rid of the variance which generates more negativity than positivity overall, and by quite a lot. Humans are disproportionately impacted by negative experiences, so failing a 90% hone feels worse and more bullshit than succeeding a 10% hone feels good and blessed.


RNG is the worst part of the honing system - followed closely by credit card juice and alt grinding. All three combined and being considered for release schedule are the kiss of death for player retention. It just feels like there is not enough time/money to play the game to justify costs like crystalline aura / ark pass / skins. Switching to the artisan energy would help to retain players cursed with bad luck and make the progression feel more fair as all the palyers would have to put in almost the same effort for the same amount of progress. Of course random honing supports more predatory form of pay to win so Amazon is unlikely to leave whales’ money alone for the sake of player-friendliness.

Whenever i read these “great” ideas regarding progress / mats / and how everything has to change/be, so that everyone is pleased in the end… I really start to appreciate that the devs sit in Korea and have a vision of the game they wont touch, no matter what.

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If it was like this from the beginning, yeah, you’re not wrong.

Imagine completely eradicating the possibility to pay less… that sounds fun…

Im not saying I think its a good idea,. The OP is calling out the fact its a mindset problem, not an issue with the system as is.

Nah, people will see it as an obscenely terrible grind and quit immediately. You need the system to trick you into thinking you could immediately progress with minimal effort so the grind will feel better.

It’s possible they are suggesting that your chance to hone is instead a chance to instantly crit and fill the artisans in one shot. And the answer is that it will still feel like a horrible RNGfest, trying to trick you into thinking otherwise will fail miserably XD

Yeah, no thanks.

It’s awful. I’d rather them just remove the honing chance entirely and just make the mats required to upgrade equal to the average rate that you would have upgraded at with average luck. But that’s because I’m unlucky…the lucky people would be heavily against that lmao.

I would say i’ve been both… unlucky and lucky. And to say we use an average amount of mats sound way better than using the pity amount…

But in the end its a matter of perspective. Some see the fails and can’t bear it, others like me don’t really notice them and celebrate whenever we hit before pity. You’llnever ever find a solution that pleases both sides. And most importantly… i somehow highly doubt that Smilegate would change the system at all, no matter what happens.

Edit: But if it gets changed… i prefer the method that uses the lowest amount of mats ^^