If you could change something from day one you have played lost ark

What it would be ?

I would reject sasha

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All mats roster bound instead of char bound…


should be done right now, this thing is the worst thing in the game for now.

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Release all the classes.


Build Diversity.

The potential builds of this game is horrible and due to multiple reasons.

  • Most Engravings are awful.
  • Half Class engravings are awful.
  • Some skills are just useless against bosses.
  • Only three stats actually do anything useful.

As a 9 yr Path of Exile player I love to theory craft builds and it’s just not here.
Which is why it was esp important they released all classes day one.


Removed all honing failures until t3.


Never allow myself to access the forums and become a forum responder.


remove rng from honing to level the playing field

close second that stupid glaivier name

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Scouter being released first.

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Add the honing buff and 2 classes, 2 skins with Argos release and Valtan released next month with another 2 classes and 2 skins without counting class specific skins.

If you could change something from day one you have played lost ark

am i the only one who doesnt gets title, i mean if i could change something from day 1, i wouldn’t use the cerberus pet, instead i’d sell it.


If you mean regret wise it would be buying accesories, was a waste of gold and pheons, if I had been more patiant I would of got them from drops eventually or at least been able to buy them dirt cheap later on

If I could change something about the release it would be

Literally copy the content in Korea, in its current state, localize/translate it, break it into smaller pieces, and release it piece by piece.

All classes included
All balances included
All content included
Honing buff included
All QoL included

Basically translate the Korean version, segment only the content, release everything else as is.


sorry i’m french, that maybe why

Release the game pretty much at the same content level the RU was is at, classes and all.
Mokoko icon for new players.
Maybe have a trial mode for abyss raids so that a single person can go in solo or with a group and fight the boss with infinite health just to test out the mechanics like the argos pizzas ect. Sure that might help alot of people that get intimidated by content and not have to burn as many resources practicing a fight

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As a player? Not burning all my early gold on stupid stuff like knowledge transfer, and waiting for the blue crystal price to crash before buying a ton of them.

As a “change something about the game” answer? I’d make chaos dungeons more interesting. Not necessarily harder or more focus-intensive, but with enough variability that each run feels at least somewhat unique. whether that’s having random modifiers like maps in PoE, or having random setpiece content like Disgaea does in its item worlds, it’s pretty important that your most frequent content feels somewhat fresh. Right now they’re literally so boring that I sometimes have to check my allowances after one to remember if I ran one immediately before it.


Not starting over on EUW because friends were impatient on EUC…

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Revamp chaos dungeons & guardians with a multipurpose entrance ticket. 3 tickets a day per character, roster bound, stackable up to 9999 and usable 3x just as cube tickets.

In the same revamp purpose,

A second compass that rotates multitiiered islands with activities that rewards different materials and requires different minigames with other players with a 1 entry per character daily (Bound). Each hour a diff material island open (Destr. Guard. Leaps. 3x daily tickets usae for 3x rewards

Mini games can be simple and something fun like naruni race. Rewards depend on the entire participants finishing the objectives.

Remove RNG from honing, upgrading is 100% as long as u grind and turn in the mats