If you could change your main class right now

Reaper. Because of the fact how squishy and mobile she is. Being able to deal high amount of dmg, as well as be all over the place for the price of being squishy is fun. It’s nice to have a more challenging gameplay on top of what you’re given.

funny because in 4 guilds I have been it all gunslingers want to quit the class

and I have neveeer seen a gunslinger as mvp xd

Artist is the only class that interests me as much as Scrapper, but that’s not an option.

Out of the available classes I’ve played (8) Lance Master is runner up but I wouldn’t main swap it.

Yep, Artist. We’ll probably be Thaemine raiding by the time she comes out though.

I’d change scrapper to scrapper with a diff engraving setup and go full expertise and endurance and wreak havoc on matchmaking

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Ignition Sorceress-for now and nope! I like the magical burst playstyle, and Igniter aint as easy as ppl claim.

Tho ill main Aeromancer when the time comes, tho i should also work on my 6 main roster classes.
Shadowhunter will be one of them if AGS doesnt censor or alter in any shape or form the reworked form.

Ahhh you don’t know do you… The damage…Isnt…

Yup, waiting for reaper as main but outside of unreleased classes: would switch to eo sf (currently in process of doing so lol) for my gs. Not a fan of the long animations

my main class is currently “mage”, she’s stuck at lvl 10 in trixion.

i would change it into summoner because that was the class i liked most when they let me play the class in november.

Definitely changing to machinist

well i’m playing sorc until summoner comes out LMAO

same but don’t figure it out how to get summ with fuill relic at 1475 maybe 300k gold including pheons

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I wouldn’t change my Paladin for main, but waiting for Summoner. I will try to lvl her up to my main and have 2 mains :slight_smile: