If you could choose a new class for the game, what would it be and why?

The class: female paladin or female gunlancer.
The reason: we need new supports and a new offtank + utility class!

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A class with a whip !
No special reason, we don’t see it much.

or real “reaper” class
Best looking weapons in games


Armen needs to be a class of his own
Dark Cleric : blood magic, debuff, hp->dmg


I wouldn’t choose a ‘new class’ so much as just remove genderlocking for classes. Have always thought it was one of the dumbest things. You can change so much about your character’s appearance, etc - and there’s so much diversity in classes. But not gender. Can’t do gender! Oh no!

Shaman support with totems


Alchemist that buffs and heals players by throwing potions.

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Alchemist is amazing.


A male healer, like this one:


Big viking, with a two handed massive great axe! Or 2 axes!!

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Just a class based around bleeds… I love seeing my enemies health just deplete at a steady pace.

The best examples I can give are different bleed classes from WoW… but I’m sure Smilegate can come up with something way cooler.

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Jojo vibes. Best healer ever :star_struck:

Bleeds and poisons!

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But as a real suggestion:

I would make a gunner like Gilgamesh.
A range class that throws unlimited spears, blades, chains on the enemy. Its actually pretty impressive. Especially with the Mage Gilgamesh version, who can use magic staffs too and fires a giant magical blast from the sky, like he did against Enkidu.


That would be definitely druid! Shapeshifting, using nature skills, love it. Wish this would happen in the future.

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This is our summoner haha