If you could get back in time, just before the release of the lost ark

What would you change ?

I would do my alts as soon as I started the game. I unfortunately did after 3 months of playing so I’m kinda behind. 1475 but need preferably 5x3 for Clown :frowning:

I would tell myself to not fall down the rabbit hole.

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I would have done a few things differently

  • bought platinum founders pack
  • stayed on EUC
  • started creating and leveling/honing alts way sooner
  • not wasted tens of thousands of gold for useless stuff in the first 1-2 months
  • maybe started with a different class? (not sure about this one)
  • but definitely would have bought Grudge books instead of Class Engraving
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i would of bought bitcoin sadge

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I would rush T3 and make 5 alts asap to start funneling mats to my main. There was saying “Play at your own pace… you will lose out on nothing.” Lol! Best event honing stuff was locked behind 1302 so if you didn’t rush end game you put yourself in a huge disadvantage. I was stupid and searched for mokokos and other horizontal stuff while I should have pushed ilvl hard. Missed out on SO MUCH gold making opportunities.

doing everything right that I did wrong during this time. Spend more time with family, friends, in real life etc


Less variety more scrappers xD

I may get some hate for this, but I would have tried to convince myself to not even start the game for a long time. Game hit during a huge time during a lot of real-life issues. My job was impacted heavily by Covid in the last year (ongoing in a hotbed state). Financials have probably changed for most during the time too. I was excited for this game. Probably excited to escape the crap reality at the time. I dove in, hit the ground running and probably just hurt myself more in the process. I don’t regret the time in LA at all. But I feel as though I pushed myself away just as much as the game did. I think the fact that I started so soon was the reason I left so soon. Game should only get better with time and there’s already a better version just yet to hit us. Maybe If I waited a year or a couple of months for the kinks to be worked out in the game and in my own life, I’d probably still be playing. But now I’d rather waited until the end of this year/beginning of next.

Create a sorceress, deathblade, and all of these bullshit classes that have both viable builds just to sell the legendary accessories when they were skyrocket high, make an army of op broken af characters that really make me happy to play, nolife like a dog to make money and then chill until brelshaza releases

buy platinum founder

Would have paid for the Founders pack and got my main and alts up as high as possible to make fat gold to buyout the Cheapest Blue Crystal Market before people got greedy.

what is the blue crystal price in ur server ?

I would save all my mats for Sep , or i would of made gold from the whales like Rich and Shroud