If you had to guess when Scouter will come out, when would it be?

If they are following the 2-3 months interval, worst case scenario it will come out summer of next year(2023), but seeing that they just announced Destroyer on April, and Arcana on May, maybe they’re following the 1 class per month? Still waiting on the official roadmap but how long would you guys think Scouter would take to come out? And would you guys still stick around for next year?

I guess one day that is not today it will be released. Maybe tomorrow or any other day, I guess. hm.
Now please tell me, when will I win the lottery. Just guess.

i think that given the extreme push back they will start releasing 2-3classes a month.

however giving the current state of the game i thi k these will be delayed.

i think in the next 5-6 months

I think you’d probably be better off learning Korean for both a faster release and lasting benefits.

Cheers though, I hope it comes out soon (one of my good buddies is just waiting on it)