If You Have a Wooden PC

And you load into Kungel MM to find rest of your group already on their way with flared used, you don’t get to use unnecessary flare and act like you’ve done your part just because you happened to be in 1 slot. You also do not get to accuse someone who flared because your ass wouldn’t load while everyone else did because people use battle items to SAVE TIME, and waiting 30 seconds for you to load and use flare just because you random into a 1 slot in MM goes against the very purpose of why battle item is used. If your ass cannot manage to throw flare by the time people reach the beacon and need to decide which way to go, then you just need to fill whatever battle item the party needs.

Just venting after dealing with some idiot who refused to phero despite the fact that by the time he got on, rest of the group was already down the platform and onto the next patch of area, yet he flared anyway “because he’s 1”.

Yes, it’s annoying to find people who instantly flare to be a cheapskate but you don’t get to accuse when you’re 30s late to the party because you’re too cheap to get a decent PC just like you’re too cheap to use phero.

-end vent here-

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ngl i feel like if ppl can get so upset about using up 1 more minute of their life on the game for various reasons, they should seek medical help and dont play games xD its only gonna be a downhill for the rest of their life


I agreed with you until you insulted his lack of ressources in real life. There is no joke to be done on that topic. If you are well off and well feed every night good for you but LA is an MMO which is F2P on top of that. So yea… stay humble even if I understand your emotions.


isnt that 100% true? :+1:

thats what left of this community… all the sane people quit long ago… we left with the mental ill 16 hours a day anti-sociel depressed grown ups that comes here and create a post about such a stupid irrelevant thing … with such hatred and unwillingness to help towards others even in online game… sad I encounter these kind of folks daily now in games and I am used to it


Ive spent close to £2000 on my storage. Why doesn’t everyone else…

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yeah every time i see these posts with battle items or other irrelevant issues that literally costs them a fracion of a minute etc im just thinking why do these ppl even force themselves online, i still remember i got harassed an enitre kunge run cause my game decided to load so slowly that even i was surprised,cause that never rly happened before, then this random dude freaked out so much, oh yeah and it took like 1 whole min longer than usual xD



Just use corro there is chat in game you can just type in corro or p1 or p2. Easy.

extra space for your 8K vykas h videos doesn’t make lost ark load faster

my pc is so bad sometimes Kungelanium texture shows up slighty on side and i throw all my stagger skills only to see all of them missed

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