If you made "Meta" class just for pvp

You are not allowed to complain how broken classes are. You are part of the problem. For the small exception of actual mains, the players that rolled sum/destro/etc or w/e just for ranked are not allowed to complain about how broken X class is because you made one too and made it worse.


I mean, are blades or gunslingers really people? /s

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You think gunslingers are overpowered ? Boy you are in for a rude awakening in case you try one

If i made custom made class for pvp It would have protected engage with easy combo starter ofc protected with atleast 2 hard CC ofc protected or ranged with tons of dmg burst ofc protected. And I would throw in easy disengage that leaves something behind that knocks ppl that want to punish this class…

Wow I made DeathBlade…

Lol before i finished reading what you wrote i was thinking , wow this guy wants a deathblade :slight_smile:

But db got not 2 hard cc, only one in meta build and no protected or i miss somethink?

Can’t wait to pwn kids trying to grief in world pvp elgacia with my 1560 destroyer fully pvp geared, ahhh hahahahahah

nobody wants to mess with you. You are the best.
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Yes i know there is 1 build that you play and it is the only correct one. Who cares that db can taake all this BS and ppl like you will still consider this class fair in pvp.

I no play db, personally i like reaper much more. But yea i consider this class fair in pvp. Db was op in our realese but long time ago, when there was no many counters against she. Now it is just A-Ttier class nothink more. Yea, db is much more easier to play then many others class and on low mmr is perform better then classes that require more skill. But imo the game need newbie friend class if we want to pvp community grow up. Pvp in LA is very skill based and gap between old players and newcomers is high and will be even higher as time going on.

What I hate about DB is that this class even in bad player hands is painfuly hard to punish. EVEN if played bad. If I missplay on arcana or wd or summoner im DEAD, cuz there is no superarmored skill that i can chain for 4 sec so enemy skills wont knock me. if you strip superarmor from DB she would be ok and fair, her opening and combo is kinda same as in glavier but glavier has almost 0 superarmor during her combo and is still playable.

Same as destroyer

the only thing I hate about blade is that fucking stun and what it represents.
the fact that blade can spacebar into you and insta stun is so braindead and the fact it works makes my blood boil, heck even if you see it coming and you start casting before they use spacebar, most of the skills are actually slower then their spacebar+stun combined. hilarious.

I have yet to see destroyer running in enemy while burst mode is enabled and 100-0 them in 1 combo just because they didnt had getUP button.

For all ppl say that destroyer is strong he is only strong with super armor on. Like Arti shield.
Db has superarmor cuz she has super armor, there is no moment her dumbass engage that is ever unprotected.

also I seriously love how destroyers got popular only because they shit on db and are probably only class in game that can just SHIT on her.

you people complain about DB where her CC has a limit, but nobody here complains about Arcana or Mages, they have hard cc paralyze which can be used again and again on a single person without that person popping any immunity.

Not to mention the ridiculous width of their CC