If you think content in T1/T2 is to hard watch this!

7-minute fight showing some T3 content, if you are struggling in T1/T2 you should really consider working on your fundamental gameplay before rushing to T3.

timestamped 21:06


They can’t even be bothered to listen or learn about the mechanics of stuff they are currently working on… they’ll quit long before they ever even see this boss. I’d say 90% of them won’t even make it to T3.


Ok so let me get this straight, shitty daily = endgame raid, noted


I even ask in Guardian Raids every day at the start - “If any of you are not sure about boss mechs let me know” and they will just ignore me and proceed to teamwipe / die repeatedly on some of the easiest Guardian Raids like Alberhastic that like 5 minutes normally

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Can’t kill daily boss = No ability to raid.

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If your struggling to do your dailies then man, your weeklies are gonna be a nightmare

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I know, I’ve successfully taught some raid/boss mechanics to groups… but it’s rare. Most just want someone to carry them. They don’t want to learn.

Can kill daily boss but it’s a shore that should be done on multiple characters*
Here a little correction
And tbf broken mm + this shit taking forever & random wiping i don’t even bother doing it most of the time kinda have a life…

EDIT: It’s funny how you assumed instantly that i couldn’t manage a little dino

You can just solo the bosses if your struggling in MM till stuff smoothens out, like literally, the game has been out for less then a month, most people are gonna struggle but its the people who struggle and refuse to learn which leads to problems.

If I have spare time ill do Alberhastic which I succeed about 50% of the time, if I don’t have as much time ill just run Levanos which I have never failed and only takes about 3 minutes longer on average in random MM

I still assume that. Nothing changed.

Hey i still assume you’re not even 50 so what :heart:

How people have problems with Yoh and Alber is mindbaffling to me.

Dont get me wrong, im a new player, I only played 5h of beta and to lvl 26 spamming pvp.
I just come from FF14 and not even hardcore, extremes and savages that majority of playerbase can clear.

Ive never even see the oneshot mechanics of Alber because he dies to fast lol he dies in 3-6 minutes and yes, i pugged it for like 4-5 days straight using matchmaking not PF

Yoho has mechanics? except for stagger and dont stand in fire?

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Isn’t this whole shit just to make it shorter not cut out mechanics ?

I started playing around day 2 of the founder’s release, rushed to t3 and the only two pieces of content I struggled with was Sea of Indolence - most people had low IP and Vertus who was the first Guardian I did.

Was genuinely shocked when Yoho was considered a hard raid, like its a fox, I just didn’t stand in front of it when it started its telegraphed attacks, didn’t even know how the fire stacks worked

This has some offputting vibes for me, I only like certain locations and bosses and Ill probably keep griding them, and do other stuff like with stronghold and islands and whatnot… this simply does not look appealing.

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Some content just isnt for everyone, I personally really dislike Ghost Ships since they are just dmg sponges that one shot you

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Looks pretty rough for a click to move game, just sayin’.

then what will it fix? you think these people that say Tytalos and Achetes is hard will be able to clear it if he got 10% less hp or whatever?

they are still gonna wipe to the oneshot mechanic.

So no, I do not believe for a second that the nerfs comming is just tweaks to hp and maybe normal attack damage, because lets be honest, it wont “solve the problem”

they will most likley alter or completley remove boss mechanics since people cant seem to learn themselves, read chat or maybe google it

i will be pleasantly suprised if whats coming is just a hp % nerf but I also know that crybabies will just come back and demand real nerfs (removing of mechanics) when they realize that achetes having 10% less hp didnt make them be able to kill it


Yep. You’ll be able to leave your character afk and go get another cup of coffee before the boss will be even able to kill you. It’s going to be pathetic.

After 10th try everyone will do it, do you think they went there first time ? I am sure they have cleared it 10/20+ already xd