If you want to combat bots open all regions 1st

i dont understand the logic from releasing the game in certain regions and others isn’t
the game should have been released on normal way like any game
if player wants to play should play it
i dont understand the mindset of AGS for choosing certain countries and leaving all others behind

Big portion of Europe
middle east
and many more are left behind
people want to play and have fun together
if you cut one player of group of friends most likely all his friends will leave the game or will play it less till they find another that they all have access to play it together

the heads of ags doesn’t understand the world of gaming and the only way the use to take action is by statics and numbers and leaving the customer last which will cost the game a lot more than the loss the bots is doing already
if you want to kill this game just like you killed new world keep on this path and the loss going to be insane . .
we are in 2022 and they still banning regions to access the game …

if you dont want to lose your player base while battling bots just take the publishing rights for all regions and battle bots on other terms
bots have access to other things than vpn if bot using vpn they are the small ones means most likely cheating player or tiny gold web site and the big websites will stay untouched …
vpn is mainly used by players
bots use other things to give them access
you making this too hard on yourself and on your playerbase .
even if you ban hardware there is spoofers and many solution for it
Banning isnt the solution
battle the bots by ingame systems make anything tier 1 free and access to the things bots sells or farm starting for fetion for example
use your head not the easy way that will cost you the playerbase in the process


people still dont understand that they cant just open Lost Ark for every region or country…


With this post, you show that you don’t understand many basic things like borders, laws, contracts but yeah… ags is the one who “doesn’t understand the world of gaming”.
Aren’t people schooled nowadays? Since it really looks like some people finished their education after learning how to write…


they can
it is just publishing deal
they can sit and talk about it with smile gate

they have to follow rules and laws

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only two or 3 countries banning the games in law with these systems others isn’t
and i know that for fact
so shhhhhh

dude it is all about publishing deal
the countries who have laws against this kind of games are 2 or 3 countries
none in africa or middle east for example have laws against that …
europe some have the laws and they are the few not the majority …

AGS is an American company and has operated mostly in America and Europe, therefore, they have a far better understanding of the laws in the those regions.

In order for them to publish the game in other regions, like the Middle East, they would have to be familiar with the laws there, and I’m pretty sure they are not. They would have to spend money hiring a team that is and that usually takes years to fully get up and running.

If you want the game to be published in your region, then ask Smilegate to reach out to a publisher in that region to publish the game.

AGS has failed on a lot of things and they rightfully deserve criticism for many things, but this is not it.

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Omg… The game can’t be released in the Middle East because of their laws, check how the average female character looks in the game and then in let’s say, Saudi Arabia. That’s already like 20 countries?

Yes , the AGS dont understand how to deal with games , NW is already dead , LA next

:smiley: there is no laws for games in the middle east or Africa
there is no publishers there
there is no single studio in this who region that can even make small dungeon in lost ark.

Are you new to MMOs? I don’t know how old you are, but region lock was always a thing. There were plenty of games locked in Asia for many years until they have been released in Europe.

Different markets, different customers, different desires and laws which have to be considered before a release.

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beening playing mmos since 2004 :slight_smile:
markets mostly was between east and west

middle east and africa always had access to what Europe have access too alwaaaaaaaaays … region locks never been like what lost ark doing ,

the middle east have access to gunshin impact,new world so guys
dont talk about something that is new like it is the norm
even if it has been the norm it is wrong and shouldn’t even happen .

Then not for this game, not really difficult to understand.

Pretty sure this guy has a very hard time to understand anything.


It seems indeed

then get lost :slight_smile:

I guarantee you region locks are a thing, you probably never noticed because those games that contained those region locks are not ones you wanted to play.

However, it still stands that a company that is publishing a game can only publish in regions where the game creator gives them permission too.

You have access to New World because who owns the game? Amazon. And since Amazon owns their own game, they can publish it wherever they want.

Who owns Lost Ark? Smilegate. Smilegate told AGS you can only publish our game in these regions and AGS said okay.

like i said before
it is all about the publishing deal with smile gate not region locks for this game
because amazon have access here and publish all it is own services and games normally
ags didn’t put the region in the deal nothing more
as publisher they shouldn’t ignore the region or excluded it out of the deal .

region locks most likely will be asia games .

and my whole rant is about if ags have access to the region and there is no law against it they should have made the publishing deal better and it should have been the case . …