If you're encountering error 10010 issue call your ISP

Called my isp, they set my public IP to a different setting, and it fixed this issue for me. Still, it would be nice for amazon to acknowledge their mistake so their support can provide proper assistance.

Amazon ban you isp ip. just hurt real player . botter can change their ip.
So ban ip this way is wrong. but amzon think ban ip is good job…
Ban ip is stupid

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pretty much, nothing you can do unless you call your isp or amazon unbans your ip

I still dont understand why they cant unban our IPs if we talk to support. I get that its a lot of work but they are the ones who messed up. “Hey we messed up, now you have to fix it.”

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So far this method is the best, but the people we live in the apartment can’t do this and the ISP responded to me that they can’t change my IP address.

Yep im in the same position.

I can see you in many places, we are a kind of situation. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly and if I get any solutions I will refer you to them.

Sounds good thanks.

Greetings Arkesians,

Our apologies for the long time in getting to you on this post and I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulties getting into the game based on error “10010”. We can assure you our devs have thoroughly reviewed the root cause for this error and have determined it is caused by specific settings on your Network and not directly caused by the game or servers. The most common cause for the error is the use of a VPN or proxy redirect, however, there are other settings specific ISP’s may use which can also cause this to happen. As an example we can use what has been pointed out where the game is accessible on a different network or IP setting whereas not on the original ISP network.

Unfortunately, given this is not directly caused by our servers or by settings we can tweak on our end, there is no fix that can be applied by us either but you can find several possible work around steps that may help override your network settings that could be causing the error found here:

I hope you find this helpful. See you in Arkesia. :wolf: