If you're mad at downtime then maybe you should

go outside.

It’s a game, not life.
I see these posts about people walking around angry with nothing to do…:no_mouth::neutral_face:

For real? Lmfao


Ofcourse Im angry, its holiday and its rainning outside

You do realize, that people being bad, are people who work and go outside?
If someone is sitting 24/7 in front of PC he won’t care about serwers being down whole day because he will log in anyway when they are back.
Other thing about those, who work/have families and other things to do.
They have few hours a day/week to login and play, and when they are cut off for a whole day (EU) it might be annoying.

So, to put it simple.
OP is stupid.

Aren’t posts like this pure spam?
No matter if i agree with people spending too much time at home or not, topics like this should be instantly removed.
This post is not better from all this spam about servers being down.

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you had the perfect opportunity to tell them to touch grass
and you missed it

Who are you to tell people what to do with their time and/or their lives? :rofl: