Ignite T2 Sorceress Build


Im T2 @1023 ilvl, mostly or only doing PVE atm.
My engravings is lvl 3 of all-out attack and ignite, lvl 2 of adrenaline but not sure if thats the best choice for my build. Also ive focused on specialization primarly and crit second.
Ive tried to find builds and tips but none really fits the ignite build to the precise point of engravings.

My questions are as following:

  • What is the best engraving to focus as my 3rd one? Grudge? Cursed doll? super Charge? etc, cant really find a build for this…
  • Which T2 gear set would be the best for ignite? Unyiedling (crit rate 15% or Mute (crit dmg 25%). I got enough mats to buy full set but only for one of them.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: