Ignitor Sorc vs Gunslinger

Honestly, how do you play sorc? Why people keep saying sorc is easier to play than gunslinger?? ! I play 3 ranged classes ignitor sorc, peacemaker gs, arti(all 1415+), for me gs is def the easiest one to deal huge damage!

In the T3 raid, there are bunch of mechs that forces player stop attack and run. For gs, you might miss a decent skill; for sorc however, you are missing a whole burst window!

Apart from that, gunslinger’s survivability is MUCH better than the other two! Defense is not an issue if you have tons of movement skills tbh. Sorc has nothing beside the space bar! (oh yeah the X key, giving out more burst times I can have, then why not I just play reflux!)

In Valtan normal mode as a gunslinger, I can easily get at least upright fighter if everyone are within the similar level/gears/gem. On the other hand, playing sorc could be exhausting not only the lack of mobility, but also I have to pray my big skills hit and that damn cow won’t summon the portal or jump away for green circles while I turn on my ignition!!

For a record, I never played in KR/RU servers so not sure how classes perform in the latter contents. I don’t have full relic gears/accessories too. Gems are <= 7, and most of the tripods are +2/+3. Got most of the ruins, at least the necessary ones. Standard engravings, all equip with grudge, maxroll builds.

Anyone main sorc and MVP all the time?

hi I have a 1457 gs and a 1422 sorc, I think that Gunslinger requires the right setup and skills to use and I think that sorc is easier to achieve high dps as it is alot more straight forward whereas gunslinger needs a really specific gear and skill tree setup, as we have 16 skills and no extra skill points :cry: but once you get that setup nailed, your dps can be consistently higher than a sorc as you are way more mobile and can be attacking more often than a sorc who needs to stand still to cast their highest dps abilities, thats my opinion

to answer your question, yea I can get mvp on sorc and gs but the problem is my hvaltan party has a 1475 zerk and a 1480 wardancer so i basically never get a chance for even the mvp screen cus my valtan party is too cracked lol

I feel you. Mobility feels rough on my Igniter sorceress. But it does require future forward thinking, understanding safe spots and timings where you can burst safely and maximise on DPS. In terms of mobility, you’ll feel somewhat better when paired with a support with the relic gear buff (movement speed, which is not attainable atm). While it does help a little, many sorcs run swiftness robe in certain mechanics

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simple but straight forward


Man… this hit me so hard XDDDD
I’m a main gunslinger and this is so accurate x’D

Gunslinger is pretty fun and very mobile, but it is also the squishiest thing ever. Your biggest damaging skills are in stances that don’t really have mobility at all and yet they lock you in long animations, which means you need good synergies with your party (att speed and dmg buffs) and the proper times to actually use those skills on, paired with Galewind runes for that extra casting speed and the perfect tripods. Also Legendary Rage rune helps a lot!

As a sorc… sure, you can miss a lot, so you need to “predict” a bit, but when you hit, a single skill out damages 2, maybe 3 of gunslinger’s skills combined (including the last shots).

That meme is so funny xD

this is soooooooo funny. I really dont get it what kind of delusional minbending ins going on here.


:joy: dude after i get to 1460 (1442 atm) im quitting GS.
I really cant deal with the fact that people think that GS deals damage when ALL of it is backloaded for no reason, and you have to try extra hard for the boss to move 1cm forward and suddenly ur locked in an animation hitting air. EVERY back attack class beats it in raw damage. ITS NOT EVEN THE BEST HM Class. ahh dude. I don’t understand who poisoned the well and mindfuked everyone into thinking this class is insane.

Listen this class SLAPS at Valtan you literally are a GOD in that raid, BUT ITS NOT BECAUSE U DEAL DAMAGE. its because u have soooo much mobility and soo high target uptime and Soo much utility that makes you COMPETE with the top classes.
However if you put it up against RE Surge DB IGN sorc our reflux sorc or mayhem zerker, AND KEYWORDS “they dont screw up” you will get obliterated. Its actually easier to pilot GS on Valtan because of all the mobility + Valtan just mostly stands there and takes it. So just because ur damage is backloaded doesn’t even matter.

hell pinnacle Glavier can beat out GS. and she is considered one of the most average damage characters in the game.