I'll happily switch to EU West and level to 50 again

Just give me the crystals ive paid money for and all my Twitch drops again and we’re golden!


The fact that you even have to mention this, just frustrating.

Would never leave my old roster behind, already got over 120+ hours.
But you are ready to do something against crowded queue times and you get punished for it. I dont know how long youve already played, but even if you are a starter, you get about 20% of your packs value + all the lost progress until then.

The devs should be ashamed of themselves really. Embarassing.

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same here, i have more than 150hrs in-game but without my twitch drop and my crystals there is no incentive for me to move, already bought a pack for 1500 crystal, didnt redeem it but i cant redeem is on another region.

i wouldnt care to leveling and gearup again but not getting my twitch drop and things i paid for?
its too much

+all the stuff in the founders pack, which you did not get with the “additional” one - like extra slot, skins, adventurer chests, …

They should have made the full founder packs redeemable on all regions imo and just made them untradable. Since we’re still missing a lot in the 2nd founder pack it’s not worth it at all to swap region.