I'll just leave this here for you guys


That is exactly the problem, they refused to remove the stats and sell it. This looks like it will be coming in the future.

i am sure the same skins will find their ways back into the game one way or another

removing the stats reduces the amount of profit this product will generate if there are people who wants to buy the skins for the stats

in fact, why release the product at all, it might even cause people to spend less on your other products

instead of releasing a product which will generate less income, why not hold off on the product until you think of a better monetization method for it

It wont…

I’m not sure if it was removed because of the stats, but we should be grateful that this gambling shit is not coming to our version.

Removing the stats is fking useless becoz the problem is the monetization model with regards to rng and stuff, it makes it so that real f2p have a hard time to get the skins. Even if u remove the stats, they are still hard to get which is a problem

Removing the stats and/or allow the cloth and jar to be purchased with BC. instead of RC

Bonus points, since the cloth and jar are now BC sinks they can remove pheons.

You do realize its probably because of the EU loot boxes laws coming and not about any sort of fairness. I’m 99% sure they wont be changing it from the other versions of the game.

Wouldn’t they say that then?