I'll just leave this here. #sorcs

" sorc, you don’t need babysitting, right? "

Feel free to copy and paste it in your match ^^

No, but when you spam pings in the corner of the map don’t expect me to run over to save your ass either :stuck_out_tongue:

they have the most superarmor and most blinks and highest damage and one of the best defense ability. If they can’t 1v3, something is wrong.

Sorc has almost zero super armor in a PvP build
Skills with push immunity are loooong casts you would never get off or land if you did
What defense ability?
Sorc cannot really get her spells off if she is being attacked

Well the balance patch is out, cant wait to see all the QQ from people crying about specific op classes lol

It’s live now? I haven’t noticed anything.

It’s out in kr, will take months until we will get it in the western version.