Illusion Island box opening cast time


Just to leave my 2 cents here…I see no point to have 20 seconds cast time on the box opening on illusion island.

Today I killed a player (yes Luckyangel I hate you) like 30 times, but still couldn’t open the box as she kept reviving herself with the feathers which is much faster than the opening time.

I think it should be fair if I kill someone either put them back to the entrance or put longer CD on their death.

Even if you beat them all, you can’t get the reward if you the feathers, which is unfair in my opinion. I know it is a perfect way to make players dump their feathers and force them to buy new, but please reconsider how you design that event.

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The time to open isn’t a problem, specifically the problem is that players are able to revive on spot using feathers.

Feathers should be disabled in all pvp enabled areas. You should only be able to respawn at the designated respawn points. Imo, this is currently the most frustrating aspect of island pvp in general - people will literally just die on the chests and feather respawn to prevent anyone else from getting it.

I’ve personally ran someone out of over 50 feathers before, but in the end no one got the box because he kept feather reviving.

Imo, feather reviving is the absolute worst part about all the pvp islands and completely ruins what is otherwise one of the most fun parts of the game.

Remove feather reviving in all pvp activities!

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Yepp, That would be the easiest solution. Just ban the usage on those islands.