Illusion island is impossible with 2/3 players

This will probably fall on low priority, but Illusion island event is impossible to complete if you land on instance with 2 or 3 people. It’s possible with 3 people if they all cooperate and farm each other.

It’s probably a super rare problem, but this island event could have a minimum progress requirement, similar to sailing events.


Moving this thread from the German to the English Game Feedback category.

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I like your name :ice_cream:

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looks like we did it with 4 people. we got to about 1200/1500 of the points for Red Wave. Assists for 5 points helps a lot.

i did a similar post Illusion island not enough players they didnt give a response. to me it was a nightmare to get the map but after almost 2 months i got it. All quest should adjust to the amount of players participating and they need to add the map to chest drop.

Islands due to no new players are dead content. It will only getting worse by the time.

Deaths hold didnt start yday afternoon cuz No 10 Players its freakin ridic